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Remove Fake Lashes Painlessly with Ardell LashFree

Tired of struggling to remove false eyelash strips or extensions? Want a less messy, gentler way to dissolve eyelash glue? Look no further than Ardell LashFree, the easy eyelash adhesive remover loved by makeup artists and lash wearers alike.

This premier lash glue dissolver makes taking off falsies a breeze – no more picking at your natural lashes or rubbing your eyes raw trying to get clumpy mascara and stubborn lash band adhesive off. Just a few drops of LashFree breaks down the bond in 1-2 minutes, letting you slide lashes right off without hassle or irritation.

Designed by Lash Experts for Damage-Free Removal

The makers at Ardell know a thing or two about crafting quality lashes and lash products. They specially formulated LashFree with an oil-free solution that targets and dissolves lash adhesive quickly but gently. The remover is powerful enough to tackle even the strongest lash glues but contains moisturizing ingredients to condition lashes and prevent breakage.

LashFree’s precision brush applicator lets you swipe the product exactly where you need it. No more accidental spills into eyes or onto skin. The remover solution itself is tinted a light blue so you can see precisely where you’ve applied it. Once the glue dissolves after 1-2 minutes, falsies slide right off with zero pulling or tugging on natural lashes.

Salon-Tested for Sensitive Eyes

LashFree is made with the same safe, high-quality ingredients found in medical grade lash removers. The formula contains no harsh chemicals, alcohols, or latex that could irritate eyes or skin. It’s clinically tested and proven to be non-irritating, even for those with sensitive eyes and skin. The remover has a light, pleasant scent and won’t cause stinging or burning.

Both professional lash technicians and everyday lash wearers love LashFree for its simple, effective, and gentle lash removal. No more rubbing at eyes or potentially damaging natural lashes just to get falsies off!

Remove Individual Lashes or Full Strips with Ease

LashFree works wonders whether you’re taking off a full strip of falsies or individual lash extensions. For strip lashes, just apply the remover along the lash band and wait 60 seconds before peeling off.

For individual lashes or extensions, carefully apply LashFree only to the base of the false lashes you want to remove and wait for the glue to dissolve before sliding lashes off gently. You can remove just a few singles or an entire set using this handy lash glue dissolver.

An Essential for Lash Techs and Wearers Alike

Lash artists can’t live without a quality lash glue remover like LashFree. Removing extensions and falsies is so much simpler and safer with this product. Just brush on and wait 60 seconds before removing eyelash extensions with no pulling or tugging. It keeps the removal process comfortable for clients.

Lash wearers also love keeping a tube on hand for easy cleanup after a long day or night out. No more struggling with cotton pads and makeup remover to get sticky lash glue residue off. Just apply LashFree along the lash line, let it work its magic, and falsies slide right off. It makes lash removal so much less messy and frustrating!

The Ardell Brand You Can Trust

With over 50 years perfecting lashes and lash products, Ardell is the brand professionals trust for quality and reliability. Their expertise shows through in top-notch products like LashFree.

Ardell strives to make lashes accessible and safe for all by providing affordable eyelash enhancers, tools, and supplies. Their lash adhesive remover removes falsies super quickly but is still gentle enough for daily use.

Experience the simple joy of no-fuss false lash removal with LashFree. Your eyes and natural lashes will thank you! Click Add to Cart now to dissolve lash glue effortlessly and comfortably.


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