Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash, Black, Short – Natural Looking False Eyelashes for a Flawless Look


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Give your eyes an instant makeover with the Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash. These lashes are designed to be applied individually for a customizable, natural look that lasts all day.

Knot-Free and Lightweight

Ardell Trios eyelashes are handmade to be knot-free, ensuring no irritation or discomfort when worn. The ultra-fine synthetic hairs are lightweight and flexible, moving naturally with your eyelids without feeling heavy.

Permanent Curl for All Day Wear

The lashes have a bouncy curl that retains its shape all day long. No need for an eyelash curler! The permanent curl also helps the lashes blend with your natural lashes seamlessly.

Waterproof and Durable

Don’t worry about rainy days or tears ruining your lashes. The Ardell Trios are waterproof and can withstand moisture without losing their curl. The durable synthetic hairs also resist breakage and shedding.

Shorter Length for a Subtle Look

With a shorter lash length, these Ardell lashes add definition and fullness while still looking natural. They’re perfect for achieving a daytime flirty look without being over the top. The shorter lashes are also easier to apply for lash beginners.

How to Apply for a Flawless Look

Applying lashes can seem intimidating, but follow these steps for easy application:

  1. Trim the lash strips to fit your eye width if needed.
  2. Apply lash glue (not included) along the lash band and wait 30 seconds until tacky.
  3. Using tweezers, place lashes as close to your natural lash line as possible, pressing down on the center first then edges.
  4. Apply 10-15 individual lashes per eye, spacing them out for a natural look. Focus on the outer corners.
  5. Ensure all edges are secured. Add extra glue if needed.
  6. Gently pinch your natural and false lashes together to blend.

With the right glue and technique, the Ardell Trios eyelashes will look like your own! The individual lashes create a gorgeous fanned out, voluminous look while still appearing natural.

Customize Your Look

The best part of individual lashes is the ability to customize where you want more volume. Add length to the outer corners for a cat eye effect. Apply more lashes to the top for a doe eyed look. Go heavier on the bottom lashes for a wide eyed appearance. You have total control over your lash look.

High Quality and Affordable

You don’t have to spend a fortune for premium lashes. Ardell is known for their high quality, affordable false lashes that look salon-worthy. Their years of experience and innovation allow them to produce lashes that enhance eyes beautifully.

Safe Ingredients and Cruelty-Free

Feel good about wearing these lashes. The dyes used are safe for contact lens wearers and eyes. Ardell is also PETA-certified cruelty-free and does not test on animals.

How to Remove and Care

Gently peel off the lashes before bedtime. Use an oil-based makeup remover to dissolve any remaining glue. Keep lashes stored safely in the original case away from dirt and moisture. With proper care, you can get over 20 applications from each set.

Give your natural lashes a break and achieve a glamorous look in minutes with the Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash. Order a set today and get ready to bat those falsies!


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