Ard Al Zaafaran Perfumes Dirham Wardi EDP – Eau De Parfum 100ml


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Escape to a floral paradise with Dirham Wardi, an enchanting rose fragrance from Ard Al Zaafaran Perfumes. This exquisite Eau de Parfum envelops you in a blend of velvety roses, romantic berries, and creamy woods for a feminine scent that captivates the senses.

Top Notes

The fragrance opens with an enticing mélange of juicy raspberries, zesty pink pepper, and bright bergamot. The tart berries and citrus notes add an uplifting energy, while the pink peppercorn provides a delicate spiciness.

Heart Notes

A bouquet of voluptuous florals blooms at the heart of Dirham Wardi. Velvety red roses mingle with elegant peonies and romantic lily of the valley, creating an intensely floral presence. The roses lend a rich, honeyed sweetness, as peonies add their powdery, rosy depths. Lily of the valley contributes its fresh, dewy greenness.

Base Notes

Finally, the fragrance dries down to a sensual base of iris, musk, sandalwood, and patchouli. The creamy iris and skin-like musk provide a soft, feminine feel. Sandalwood’s rich, woody nuances blend beautifully with the earthy, mossy patchouli. Together, they anchor the floral heart notes in an addictive base.

Fragrance Characteristics

This rose-centric fragrance has a distinctly feminine character that captures the essence of timeless beauty and romance. The berry top notes provide an energetic opening before giving way to an opulent floral heart and warm, woods-infused base. Though undeniably sweet, Dirham Wardi maintains a fresh vibrancy that keeps it from becoming too cloying. It has luminous, charming sillage and lasts 6-8 hours on skin.

When to Wear It

Versatile enough for day or night, Dirham Wardi is ideal for romantic occasions – a dinner date, anniversary celebration, or anytime you want to feel gorgeous. The floral richness also makes it perfect for weddings and special events. During the day, it adds a pretty touch to brunch, shopping trips, or a day at the office. The lush roses and fruits even work nicely on hot summer days when you want to smell fruity and floral.

Who It Suits

Dirham Wardi was made for feminine women who adore the classic scent of rose fragrances. Its berries, peonies, and woods provide interest around the rosy core, making it more complex than a straightforward rose soliflo. Young women will appreciate the playful fruits, while mature women will love the elegant floral richness. It suits those with feminine, romantic sensibilities who want to smell beautiful yet natural.

Complementing Notes

Dirham Wardi layers beautifully with other notes:

  • Citrus – Uplift the berries with zesty bergamot, grapefruit, or lemon
  • White Florals – Jasmine, tuberose, and orange blossom bring out the peonies
  • Fruity Florals – Blend with nectarine, plum, and apple blossom
  • Oriental Notes – Vanilla, amber, and spices add exotic warmth

Avoid heavy incense, tobacco, or leather notes that could overpower the delicate roses.


Dirham Wardi suits these memorable occasions:

  • Romantic date nights
  • Intimate dinners
  • Nighttime events
  • Bridal shower or wedding day scent
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Valentine’s Day

Its lush femininity also makes it a perfect signature scent for women.

Ard Al Zaafaran Perfumes

Ard Al Zaafaran is a prestigious Middle Eastern perfume house known for their high quality oriental scents inspired by Arabian culture. Based in the United Arab Emirates, they utilize fine ingredients like oud, saffron, agarwood, and rose in artistic compositions. The house offers a range of concentrated perfume oils and French-style Eaux de Parfums. Fans appreciate their dedication to traditional Arab perfumery with a modern twist.

Collector’s Item

Dirham Wardi’s beautiful bottle makes it an attractive addition to any perfume collection. The triangular shape inspired by ancient Islamic architecture contains a shimmering gold liquid. Elegant calligraphy decorates the bottle, honoring traditional Middle Eastern designs. For perfume lovers, this rose jewel is a treasure.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We hope you love Dirham Wardi’s transportive scent experience as much as we do. However, if you are not completely satisfied, return the unused portion within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. We want you to be thrilled with your perfume purchase.

Treat yourself to an enchanting escape with Dirham Wardi Eau de Parfum, a floral jewel from Ard Al Zaafaran Perfumes. Let the blooming bouquet of roses, peonies, and woods infuse your days with beauty, femininity, and grace.


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