Arctic Fox Purple AF Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye – Vibrant, Long Lasting Purple Hair Tint That Conditions Hair While Restoring Color


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Do you dream of rocking vibrant, eye-catching purple hair but worry about damage from chemical dyes? Look no further than Arctic Fox’s beloved Purple AF semi-permanent hair color. This rich, deep purple hair dye delivers striking color payoff on platinum to light brown hair, while giving a cool purple tint to darker locks.

Formally known as Purple Rain, Purple AF is a true, intense purple that stands out from the crowd. Vibrant purple hair color is a bold fashion choice that lets you express your unique style and personality. This versatile shade pairs perfectly with other Arctic Fox colors like Wrath red or Poseidon blue for a fun ombre look.

The best part? Arctic Fox’s Purple AF hair dye is completely vegan and cruelty-free. It’s gentler on your strands than chemical-laden dyes thanks to nourishing ingredients that actually condition your hair while restoring faded color.

Why Choose Arctic Fox Purple AF?

Arctic Fox’s Purple AF offers tons of advantages over other semi-permanent hair dyes:

Vibrant, Striking Purple Color

Do you want purple hair that truly pops? Purple AF delivers rich, vivid purple tones that are anything but subtle. This intense violet shade stands out and makes a bold fashion statement.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Formula

Arctic Fox only uses vegan ingredients in their dyes, with no animal byproducts or harsh chemicals that can damage hair. The company is Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free and never tests on animals.

No Peroxide or Ammonia

Most permanent hair dyes use peroxide or ammonia to open the cuticle and deposit color. Arctic Fox is a gentler semi-permanent formula that stains the outside of hair strands, so peroxide and ammonia aren’t needed.

Conditions Hair

While refreshing your color, Purple AF saturates your strands with nourishing ingredients like hydrating glycerin and hydrolyzed wheat protein to strengthen hair.

Long Lasting Results

Get up to 4-8 weeks of vibrant purple color, depending on your hair type and washing habits. The dye molecules in Purple AF are larger so the color lasts longer before fading.

Minimal Staining

Unlike some semi-permanent dyes, Arctic Fox’s non-drip formula minimizes messy staining on your skin and clothes during application. It also washes out more easily.

How to Use

Using Arctic Fox Purple AF to refresh your purple hair color or try it for the first time is easy:

Prep Your Hair

Start with clean, dry hair for best results. For light hair, bleach it to pale yellow first so the purple shade will be brighter. For dark hair, lighten it somewhat so the color shows up more.

Mix the Dye

Combine 1 part Arctic Fox Color with 2 parts conditioner in a plastic bowl and stir thoroughly until smooth and consistent. For shorter hair, use less dye mixture.

Apply the Color

Section your hair and use a tint brush to paint the dye mixture from roots to ends, saturating every strand. Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands.


Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let the color process for 30-45 minutes. Check every 10 minutes and massage in more dye if needed.


Rinse thoroughly with warm water until it runs clear. Gently shampoo and condition. Style as usual and show off your vibrant new purple locks!

Maintain the Color

Use sulfate-free shampoo and cool water washes to make your color last longer. Refresh it whenever you notice fading using Arctic Fox Purple AF again.

Color pairings

One of the best things about Arctic Fox hair dye is that the colors are intermixable. You can create fun ombre combinations by blending Purple AF with other shades. Here are some suggested color pairings:

Mix with Wrath (red) for a bold purple-to-burgundy ombre.
Combine with Poseidon (blue) for deep indigo-to-violet faded tips.
Add a bit of Angel (white) to pastelize Purple AF into a lighter lavender.
Pair with Sunset Orange for a bright complementary color melt from orange to purple.
Mix with Electric Paradise (neon pink) for a fun Barbie-inspired purple and pink look.
Add Cosmic Sunshine (yellow) for a ’70s-esque psychedelic purple and yellow color combination.

Who Can Wear Purple AF?

Arctic Fox Purple AF works great on all hair types. Here’s a breakdown:

Light Blonde to Platinum

On ultra light beige to pale yellow blonde hair, Purple AF shows up extremely vibrant, intense, and true to tone. It’s the perfect base for the boldest purple color payoff.

Light to Medium Brown

On light to medium brunette bases, Purple AF imparts a deep purple tint while allowing your underlying brown tones to peek through. The effect is a rich, dimensional purple-brown hue.

Dark Brown to Black

Purple AF gives very dark brown or black hair a subtle cool purple shimmer. While the color won’t show up as vividly, it eliminates brassy tones for an ashy, illiminating effect.

How Long Does it Last?

Purple AF lasts between 4-8 weeks of bold color, gradually fading over time rather than washing out abruptly. Actual longevity depends on your natural hair color and porosity, how often you wash, and whether you heat style frequently.

Those with light hair will notice the purple fading more quickly than people with dark locks. Porous or color-treated hair won’t hold the dye as long as healthy virgin hair. Washing less and using cooler temperature washes extends the life of Purple AF.

When you notice the purple looking faded or dull, simply reapply the same Arctic Fox shade to boost your color back to vivid intensity.

Tips for Maximizing Vibrancy

Follow these pro tips for getting the most eye-catching purple results:

Use clarifying shampoo first if you have product buildup on your hair. Start with a clean slate.
Bleach hair to pale yellow if your natural color is dark brown or black for better color deposit.
Opt for Arctic Fox’s Purple AF over their lighter Purple Rain if you want a deeper, more dramatic purple.
Mix with conditioner only instead of shampoo or water to thin out the dye. It spreads better.
Apply heat from your dryer or a hooded dryer when processing to allow deeper color penetration.
Rinse with cool water and use sulfate-free shampoo to make the color last. Avoid hot water!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Arctic Fox stain skin or clothes?

Minimal staining compared to other semi-permanent dyes, especially if you wear gloves during application. Any residual dye on your skin washes away more easily than most brands. Still, wearing an old shirt is advised.

Can you mix Arctic Fox colors?

Yes! Their shades are intermixable. Feel free to mix Purple AF with other Arctic Fox colors to create custom combinations. Follow the same 1 part dye + 2 parts conditioner dilution ratio.

Is Arctic Fox safe for kids?

The gentle, non-toxic formula is mild enough for teens and children. As always, monitor them during the coloring process. Arctic Fox has youth-friendly scents like purple which smells sweet.

Does it damage hair?

No, it actually conditions hair! The nourishing, emollient-rich formula leaves hair softer and shinier. It’s gentler than chemical dyes with no bleach or peroxide. Still, do a strand test if you have sensitivities.

Can you use Purple AF over other hair dye brands?

Yes, it works over other semi-permanent and permanent dyes. Arctic Fox is color-safe for colored hair. The purple tones will mix with undertones from other brands for a blended effect.

Stand out from the crowd with show-stopping purple hair color! Arctic Fox’s Purple AF offers damage-free vibrancy and conditioning care. Get ready to rock bold, head-turning purple locks in just one application.


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