Aramis for Men by Aramis -Classic Eau de Toilette Spray with Sensual Leather and Herbal Notes


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First launched in 1965, Aramis remains an iconic fragrance for the modern gentleman. This timeless eau de toilette spray evokes strength and sophistication with its blend of rich leather, fresh herbs, and warm spices.

Top Notes of Bergamot, Sage, and Artemisia

The top notes provide an exhilarating introduction to this complex scent. Bergamot adds a bright citrus zing, while aromatic sage and artemisia herbs lend an earthy green freshness. There’s an instant vibrancy that energizes the senses.

Heart Notes of Balsam, Jasmine, and Patchouli

As Aramis evolves on the skin, the heart notes begin to emerge. There are hints of sweet balsam fir and heady jasmine flowers. A touch of patchouli brings depth and texture. The herbs temper the richness of the resins for a well-balanced middle phase.

Base Notes of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Amber and Musk

Finally, the base notes create a sensual trail. Creamy sandalwood, earthy vetiver, warm amber resin, and skin-like musks come together for a sophisticated finish. The leather note ties everything together for a luxurious feel.

Versatile for Day or Night

This timeless fragrance transitions effortlessly from day to night. The herbal freshness makes it perfect for the office or daytime events. A couple sprays create an alluring effect without being overpowering. At night, the woods and musks become more prominent for evenings out.

A Sophisticated Scent for the Modern Gentleman

Aramis was designed for self-assured men with a sense of adventure. The aromatic woods and herbs create an outdoorsy feel, while the leather, amber and spices add refinement. Overall, this eau de toilette has an earthy sexiness that intrigues.

Long-Lasting Comfort on the Skin

Aramis is crafted with quality ingredients that smell fantastic on the skin. The herbs and spices feel brisk and bracing. As the scent dries down, there’s a smooth sensuality from the woods, resins and musks. It has excellent longevity and leaves behind a clean, masculine trail.

A Time-Honored Gift Set

This gift set comes beautifully packaged, making it perfect for birthdays, holidays or anniversaries. The sophisticated bottle contains 3.7 oz of the signature Aramis eau de toilette spray. Whether you’re buying it as a gift or for yourself, it’s sure to be appreciated.

How to Apply for Best Results

To enjoy this fragrance’s complex evolution, apply Aramis in the morning after showering and shaving. Start with one or two sprays onto the wrists, sides of the neck and chest. The warmth of your skin will help release the notes. Reapply as needed for day to evening wear.

Complete Your Routine

Pair with Aramis grooming essentials to enhance your experience. The invigorating Aramis Deodorant provides long-lasting odor and wetness protection. For soft, healthy-looking skin, use the Aramis Moisturizing Aftershave Balm. With daily use, you’ll smell fantastic around the clock.

Since its debut, Aramis has retained its reputation for bold sophistication. With its timeless blend of leather, herbs and woods, this fragrance continues to captivate. Pick up this gift set today to add an iconic, masculine scent to your routine.


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