ARAMIS Eau de Toilette Spray for Men – Sophisticated Scent with Notes of Bergamot, Sage and Leather


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Treat yourself to a sophisticated fragrance with ARAMIS Eau de Toilette. This iconic men’s cologne features aromatic notes of bergamot, sage, jasmine and leather for a bold yet refined scent. The fresh top notes of citrus and herbs give way to rich base notes of woods, moss and amber for staying power that lasts all day. It’s the perfect signature scent for the modern gentleman.

An Enduring Classic Men’s Fragrance

First launched in 1964, ARAMIS immediately made its mark on the world of men’s grooming and fragrances. While trends come and go, this timeless blend continues to be a staple for discerning men who appreciate quality and tradition. The blend of citrus, herbs, woods and moss is versatile enough for daily wear, yet special enough for evenings out. It’s no wonder ARAMIS remains one of the most popular and recognizable men’s fragrances after so many decades.

Top Notes of Bergamot and Sage

The top notes in ARAMIS Eau de Toilette consist of bright, zesty bergamot and aromatic sage. Bergamot is a type of citrus that smells like a combination of grapefruit and lemon, lending a fresh, crisp opening to the fragrance. Herbal sage adds a hint of earthiness while maintaining the energizing citrus tone. Together, they create an uplifting green accord that’s clean, revitalizing and universally appealing.

Heart Notes of Florals and Spices

As ARAMIS Eau de Toilette evolves on the skin, floral and spicy heart notes begin to unfold. Jasmine lends its heady, sweet aroma to soften the sharper citrus edges, while patchouli and clove add warmth and interest. The jasmine flows seamlessly from the citrus top notes, providing a smooth transition to the spicier nuances. The clove and patchouli add depth and sensuality while maintaining the refined tone established by the bergamot and sage.

Base Notes of Leather, Moss and Amber

The base notes keep ARAMIS Eau de Toilette lingering on the skin for hours. Dry woods like oakmoss and sandalwood mingle with leather and amber to create an elegant, masculine finish. The leather note provides an expensive feel, reminiscent of a fine luxury car interior or premium leather jacket. Earthy oakmoss and subtle musk amplify the sophistication. This is a grown-up scent for the successful, stylish gentleman.

How to Apply this Iconic Men’s Fragrance

ARAMIS Eau de Toilette is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Start by applying it sparingly to pulse points like the wrists, neck and chest. The warmth of your skin will help radiate the fragrance so you can enjoy whiffs of it throughout the day. Reapply as needed if you’d like a stronger scent, taking care not to overdo it. A quick spray before heading out in the evenings helps revive the aroma.

Versatile Scent for All Occasions

Thanks to its timeless formula, ARAMIS Eau de Toilette can be worn year-round for a variety of occasions. Its sophisticated character makes it ideal for the office, important business meetings, weddings, dates and more. You don’t have to reserve this fragrance for special events – its refined blend allows you to smell great every day. The citrus and herb top notes feel fresh and energizing for daytime, while the leather, amber and moss base notes make it perfect for evenings too.

Gift Idea for the Man Who Has Everything

Give the special man in your life a gift he’ll truly appreciate – the sophistication and luxury of ARAMIS. Because it’s stood the test of time, this men’s fragrance makes a terrific gift, whether for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, Father’s Day or just because. It suits all ages and tastes while feeling upscale, exclusive and indulgent. For the distinguished, successful gentleman, ARAMIS Eau de Toilette is a thing of beauty he’ll be excited to show off and wear for years to come.

Experience Timeless Sophistication

Treat yourself or someone special to the ARAMIS Eau de Toilette – an enduring classic packed with sophisticated style. The aromatic, masculine blend of citrus, herbs, florals and warm woods makes a luxurious signature scent. Let ARAMIS become a staple in your fragrance wardrobe today.


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