Aramis Devin Country Eau de Cologne for Men, 3.4 oz Spray


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Introduced in 1978, Aramis Devin Country Eau de Cologne is a refreshing, floral fragrance for men. This aromatic cologne evokes feelings of romance and sophistication with its alluring scent.

Top notes of bergamot, lemon, and lime blend beautifully with lavender, sage, and thyme for an invigorating opening. As the cologne evolves, a heart of jasmine, rose, and carnation emerges, lending a romantic floral tone. The base features sandalwood, oakmoss, and musk, adding warmth and sensuality.

Overall, Devin Country Cologne is a well-rounded fragrance that transitions seamlessly from day to night. It’s perfect for date nights, special occasions, or anytime you want to feel confident and charming. The crisp citrus top notes create an uplifting impression, while the floral heart and woody base provide depth and intrigue.

Just a couple sprays of this refined cologne go a long way, as the silage and longevity are excellent. The scent projects within an arm’s length for a few hours and lasts around 6-8 hours on skin. It has moderate sillage, meaning it won’t overwhelm those around you, just pleasantly announce your presence.

Devin Country is sophisticated without being stuffy, making it an excellent choice for modern gentlemen. It’s versatile enough for daytime wear but also has a romanticism that lends itself well to evenings out. Both younger and more mature men can pull this cologne off with confidence.

Since the 1970s, the house of Aramis has been creating prestige fragrances for men drawn to heritage and craftsmanship. Their timeless scents are widely respected for their artistry and quality. Devin Country Eau de Cologne is housed in a textured glass bottle with Aramis’ signature black cap.

Some occasions where this cologne shines:

  • Date night
  • Dinner out with friends
  • The office or important business meetings
  • Special events like weddings or graduations
  • Outdoor daytime activities

With its alluring floral heart and refreshing citrus top notes, Devin Country smells romantic and uplifting. The woody, musky base adds richness and depth, perfect for evenings out. This versatile cologne transitions effortlessly from day to nighttime wear.

How to Apply

To get the most out of your Aramis Devin Country Cologne, follow these easy application tips:

  • Start with clean, dry skin. Apply after showering and shaving for best results.
  • Target pulse points like the wrists, neck, and chest. These areas radiate warmth to perfume.
  • Use light pressure when spraying. Too much can overwhelm.
  • Apply cologne 15-30 minutes before dressing to avoid stains.
  • Spray 2-4 times for a light scent or 5-6 for more intensity.
  • Reapply lightly after a few hours if desired.

Layer Devin Country Cologne with the matching Devin Country deodorant and body wash for a complementary scent experience. The cologne’s notes of citrus, lavender, jasmine and oakmoss linger through the day when used together.

Long-Lasting and Universally-Flattering

The brilliance of Aramis Devin Country Cologne lies in its crowd-pleasing scent DNA. It has a timeless character that smells refreshing and alluring day or night. Both younger and mature gentlemen can wear this cologne with confidence.

Thanks to quality ingredients like natural essences and sandalwood, the silage and longevity outperform many designer fragrances. Just 2-3 sprays provide scent projection within an arm’s length for hours. The overall lasting power is an impressive 6-8 hours on skin.

While many modern colognes are fleeting, Devin Country was crafted by master perfumers to hold its structure over time. This cologne is built to last, ensuring you always make an amazing first impression.

An Alluring Scent for Romance and Sophistication

Some of the stand-out notes in Devin Country Cologne include:

  • Bergamot – Bright, crisp citrus that’s uplifting and confidence boosting
  • Lemon and Lime – Tart, juicy fruits that create vibrancy
  • Lavender – Herbaceous and aromatic, calming yet masculine
  • Jasmine – The star floral, sensual and romantic
  • Sandalwood – Adds creamy warmth and sophistication

This blend of citrus, herbs, florals, and woods makes Devin Country extremely versatile. It has a timeless character that works for day or night, reflecting confidence and style.

Spray on Devin Country Cologne before a big date, wedding, or event when you want to convey romance and sophistication. The floral heart notes lend an air of refined charm that’s alluring.

During the day, the citrus and herbal notes project an upbeat, fresh vibe perfect for the office or daytime activities. The drydown keeps things interesting with sandalwood’s woodsy richness.

Quality That Lasts from Aramis

Aramis has been making prestige fragrances for gentlemen since the 1960s. They are renowned for their craftsmanship and use of high quality ingredients like sandalwood.

Devin Country Cologne represents decades of experience creating timeless, masculine scents. While many modern fragrances are fleeting, this cologne was designed to hold its structure for hours.

Just 2-4 sprays provide ample projection and lasting power. It outperforms many designer fragrances in both silage and longevity. Expect an arm’s length of scent for a few hours after application and 6-8 hours of longevity.

Housed in Aramis’ signature textured glass bottle with black cap, Devin Country is perfect for the man who values quality and heritage. It makes a sophisticated impression wherever life takes you.


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