Aquolina Pink Sugar Women’s 2 Piece Gift Set – Sweeten Your Day with This Playful Fragrance Duo


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Indulge in the sweet scent of Pink Sugar with this wonderful gift set for women by Aquolina. This 2 piece set includes a sensational 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray and a luscious 8.45 oz Creamy Body Lotion, providing layers of addictive fragrance that will delight all day long.

An Irresistible Blend of Sweet Citrus, Berries, and Warm Vanilla

The vivacious top notes burst open with effervescent Sicilian orange and juicy raspberry. As the scent unfolds, aromatic fig leaf and delicate lily-of-the-valley add airy floral tones. Finally, seductive traces of licorice blossom and red berries merge with creamy vanilla in the base notes to create a gourmand fragrance that is utterly edible.

This perfectly balanced composition by perfumers Louise Turner and Grace Shaw exudes warmth, playfulness and nostalgia. One spritz of this vibrant elixir feels like being wrapped in a cashmere blanket next to a crackling fire while enjoying your favorite candy.

Spark Joy from Morning to Night

Start your day off right by misting on the Eau De Toilette after your morning shower. The crisp citrus notes invigorate and uplift, while the vanilla base provides a comforting warmth. The fruity floral heart notes will put a smile on your face, inspiring a positive attitude to carry with you throughout the day.

After work, pamper yourself by smoothing on the hydrating body lotion before you change into loungewear. The sweet, creamy formula leaves skin petal soft and lightly scented. The lotion’s lingering fragrance intensifies when layered with the Eau De Toilette, allowing you to spray less yet still enjoyhours of head-turning scent.

A Treasure Trove of Sweet Memories

One spritz transports you back in time to carefree summer days spent climbing trees, riding bikes to the corner store, or giggling with best friends during sleepovers. It conjures nostalgic memories of backyard family barbecues,blown dandelion wishes, and stargazing on warm evenings.

The gourmand fragrance evokes simple pleasures like licking sweet strawberry ice cream as it drips down the sides of a waffle cone on a hot day. Itkindles recollections of cozy evenings snuggled with loved ones while drinking hot chocolate topped with a mountain of whipped cream.

Feminine and Flirtatious

While immersed in memories, Pink Sugar still remains completely contemporary. The youthful composition perfectly embodies the modern woman. It is spirited and full of life, yet comforting and nurturing. Sophisticated, but not overly serious. Chic, but still approachable.

The liveliness of the citrus top notes creates an energetic opening, while the sweet berries and vanilla temper it with femininity. Pink Sugar effortlessly transitions from day to evening with grace and style. It is perfectly at home in both casual and dressy situations.

A Gift to Delight Any Woman

Give this set as a gift to let that special woman in your life know just how sweet she is. It makes a thoughtful gift for a girlfriend or spouse on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, her birthday, or anniversary. Show appreciation on holidays, just because, or as a congratulations on a promotion or new job.

The presentation is as charming as the fragrance itself. The round bottle features an adorable pink and white polka dot bow. Nestle it inside the coordinating pink gift box with white ribbon for a gift that exudes charm and thoughtfulness.

No matter her taste or style, Pink Sugar is a crowd-pleasing scent that elicits compliments and joyous reactions. Its nostalgic gourmand notes have nearly universal appeal. Watch her face light up as she tears off the wrapping paper and bow!

Made in Italy

Aquolina is a prestigious Italian perfume house founded in 1932. All of their fragrances are carefully crafted in Italy using high quality ingredients and luxurious formulas.

As an Italian brand, Aquolina embodies Italian flair and style. Their creations radiate the warmth and passion synonymous with the Mediterranean culture. Italy has an enduring reputation for excellence in fashion design, food, art, and perfumery.

With Pink Sugar, Aquolina has created an affordable designer fragrance that evokes la dolce vita. It’s bottled happiness straight from Italy!

Your New Signature Scent Awaits

Whether you are purchasing this for yourself or gifting it to someone special, Aquolina’s Pink Sugar 2 Piece Gift Set is sure to delight. The vivacious, nostalgic fragrance encourages you to see the sweetness and joy in everyday moments. Let this special duo inspire playfulness, positivity and fun wherever your days take you!


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