Aquolina Pink Sugar Candy Magic 3 Piece Gift Set – Sweet as Candy Bodycare for Women


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Experience the sugary sweet scent of Pink Sugar with this delightful 3 piece gift set from Aquolina. Inside this beautifully packaged set you’ll find a 1.7oz Eau de Toilette spray, a creamy 1.7oz body lotion, and a glossy 1.7oz shower gel – all infused with the mouthwatering aroma of Pink Sugar.

An Irresistible Blend of Fruity and Sweet

Top notes of sparkling Sicilian orange and juicy raspberry introduce this gourmand fragrance, immediately evoking thoughts of ripe, freshly picked berries. As the scent develops, aromatic fig leaf and lily-of-the-valley add a floral nuance, before base notes of sugary licorice and red berries create a deliciously sweet finish.

This moreish blend perfectly encapsulates the scent of candy, conjuring up memories of your favorite childhood treats. As the crisp citrus fruits mix with the heady sweetness of licorice and berries, you’ll be transported back to carefree summer days spent with candy floss stuck to your fingers.

A Gift Set as Sweet as Candy

Housed in a pretty pink box adorned with a frosted doughnut print, this Pink Sugar gift set is almost as tempting to look at as it is to open. The presentation box features a clear window so you can peek at the beautifully bottled EDT, body lotion and shower gel inside.

The Eau de Toilette spray bottle features Aquolina’s signature pink sugar cube lid, with a playful sprinkle of white dots evoking sugar crystals. The smooth, creamy body lotion comes in a soft pink bottle with a silver cap, while the translucent pink shower gel bottle has a candy-like striped lid.

Indulge Your Senses with Sweet Scent

Spritz on the Eau de Toilette to envelop yourself in Pink Sugar’s moreish fragrance all day long. The uplifting citrus top notes create an initial burst of juicy freshness, before giving way to the deliciously saccharine blend of floral and candy-inspired base notes.

After bathing, smooth on the rich body lotion. Your skin will be left touchably soft, nourished and hydrated, with the creamy formula locking in moisture for up to 24 hours. The scent lingers on your skin, allowing you to continue enjoying Pink Sugar’s playful aroma long after application.

Lather up with the glossy shower gel to cleanse and soften your skin as you bathe. Infused with moisturizing glycerin, this luxurious gel formula transforms into a rich, bubbly lather that gently cleanses without stripping the skin. The candy sweet fragrance fills your bathroom, preparing your senses to be pampered.

The Perfect Gift for Sweet Tooths

If you’re looking for a gift for a woman with a sweet tooth, this Pink Sugar set is sure to delight. The presentation box makes it ideal as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.

Any fragrance fanatic will love being able to layer the EDT, lotion and shower gel to create an intense and long-lasting candy scent. Alternatively, the products can be split up into 3 gifts for perfume-loving friends or family members.

Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Range

Italian perfume house Aquolina launched their popular Pink Sugar range in 2004, inspired by the childhood joy that sweets bring. The brand has since expanded the collection to include a number of temptingly named flankers like Pink Sugar Sensual, Pink Sugar Crispy and Pink Sugar Berry.

While the original Pink Sugar EDT remains the most iconic and sought-after fragrance in the range, these gift sets allow you to enjoy layering different Pink Sugar products together. Experiment with mixing scents like the Candy Magic set’s creamy body lotion and refreshing shower gel.

Sweetly Affordable Luxury from Aquolina

Aquolina offers high quality, creatively blended fragrances at affordable prices. Their perfumes make perfect gifts, allowing you to treat someone to a taste of luxury without the usual high-end price tag.

The beautifully presented, candy-colored Pink Sugar Candy Magic set demonstrates Aquolina’s knack for evocative, playful packaging and irresistible gourmand scents. Any perfume lover will be thrilled to unwrap this set and discover the sweet-as-candy treats inside.

Bring Childhood Nostalgia with You Wherever You Go

Aquolina’s Pink Sugar range perfectly captures the sensory experience of your favorite childhood candies and desserts. Each spritz evokes sweet memories to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

With the Pink Sugar Candy Magic set, you can carry that playful, upbeat fragrance with you wherever life takes you. Keep the EDT spray in your handbag for an instant mood boost, apply the body lotion after your shower to smell sweet all day, and display the gift box proudly on your vanity.

So if you’re seeking a gift to make someone smile, or a fragrance to stir up sweet nostalgia for yourself, make sure to try Aquolina’s Pink Sugar Candy Magic set today!


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