Aquaphor Lip Repair Multipack of Moisturizing and Protecting Lip Balms


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Get Soft, Nourished Lips with Aquaphor’s Clinically Proven Formula

Dry, chapped lips getting you down? Give your pout some TLC with Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Multipack. This bundle includes 2 of Aquaphor’s classic Lip Repair Sticks to deeply moisturize and soothe dry, cracked lips. It also contains 2 Lip Repair Sticks with SPF 30 sunscreen to protect and nourish your lips while guarding against harmful UV rays.

With its dermatologist-recommended, clinically proven formula, Aquaphor provides effective lip care you can trust. The nourishing ingredients soften rough lips while creating a barrier that seals in moisture. Plus, the convenient stick packaging glides on smoothly and precisely. Keep one by your bed, in your bag, at your desk – wherever your lips need a little love!

Nourishing Ingredients to Soothe and Repair

Aquaphor Lip Repair Sticks contain a unique blend of moisturizing oils and waxes:

Shea butter: Deeply conditions and nourishes for soft, supple lips
Bisabolol: Soothes and helps restore lips’ natural barrier
Panthenol: Moisturizes and attracts hydration
Vitamins C and E: Essential antioxidants to nurture lips
This rich formula creates a protective barrier on lips, sealing in moisture so they stay soft and smooth. It provides immediate relief, plus lasting healing benefits the more you use it.

Convenient On-the-Go Lip Repair

Don’t let rough, flaky lips slow you down. With Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Stick, you can quickly treat your lips anytime, anywhere.

Keep one handy in your purse, pocket, nightstand or office drawer. The twist-up stick applicator lets you swipe on just the right amount. The clear, non-sticky balm blends in smoothly without being messy or goopy.

It’s perfect for:

Quick touch-ups when lips feel dry
Prepping lips before applying lip color
An overnight lip conditioner treatment
Intense moisture rescue for severely chapped lips
Handbag must-have for on-the-go lip care

Essential Protection with SPF 30

The 2 included Lip Repair Sticks with SPF 30 provide the same nourishing formula plus broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen.

Lips lack melanin and are prone to sun damage. Help prevent premature aging and skin cancer risk with SPF protection.

The easy-to-apply sticks make it convenient to:

Guard lips all day at work, school, running errands
Maintain coverage after eating, drinking, activity
Shield lips from sun, wind, cold weather damage
Use as a base under lip color/balm for extra sun protection
With Aquaphor’s caring ingredients and SPF 30 shields, your lips will stay healthy and look their best.

Trusted Lip Care Brand

For over 90 years, Aquaphor has been trusted for effective skin healing and protection. Its lip care products are:

#1 Recommended by dermatologists
Clinically proven to relieve dry, chapped lips
Non-irritating and allergy-tested
Fragrance, paraben and preservative free
Give your lips some TLC with Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Multipack. With regular use, you’ll see and feel the nourishing difference. Pick up this bundle to keep your lips happy at home or on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Aquaphor Lip Repair?

Apply liberally as needed to dry, cracked lips. For best results, use daily including before bedtime. Reapply after eating, drinking or activities.

How long does it take to work?

You’ll feel immediate soothing relief. Visible improvement to lips’ texture can take 1-2 weeks with consistent use.

Can men use Aquaphor lip balm?

Yes! Aquaphor Lip Repair is suitable for all genders. Its moisturizing formula helps repair and protect any dry, chapped lips.

What is the active ingredient?

Petrolatum is the main moisturizing active ingredient. It provides a healing occlusive barrier.

Is Aquaphor Lip Repair gluten free?

Yes, Aquaphor lip balms are gluten free. They are also fragrance free and preservative free.

Does it have to be refrigerated or expire?

No, Aquaphor Lip Repair does not require refrigeration and has a 3 year shelf life unopened.

Can it be used on other dry skin areas?

Yes, Aquaphor is suitable for very dry skin areas like hands, elbows, knees and feet as well.

Is Aquaphor vegan/cruelty free?

No, Aquaphor products contain lanolin so are not considered vegan or cruelty free.

Give your lips some soothing TLC with Aquaphor’s Lip Repair Multipack! This dermatologist recommended formula hydrates, nourishes and protects dry, chapped lips.


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