Aquaphor Lip Balm for Dry Cracked Lips Relief


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Is your daily routine leaving your lips dry, chapped, and uncomfortable? Do you find yourself constantly reapplying lip balm throughout the day with little relief? Introducing the Aquaphor Lip Repair lip balm – specially formulated to provide long-lasting moisture and soothing relief for severely dry, cracked lips.

This lip care essential is the dermatologist recommended solution for relieving dry, chapped lips. The rich, nourishing formula contains soothing chamomile essence and nourishing vitamins that work to repair, restore, and protect your lips. Aquaphor uses a unique combination of effective ingredients that work together to reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier and prevent moisture loss.

At the heart of this lip treatment is petroleum jelly, which creates a protective barrier on the lips to seal in moisture. Added to this are vitamins B5 and E, natural conditioners and moisturizers that penetrate deeply to replenish, nourish and smooth rough, flaky lips. Chamomile essence provides natural calming and soothing properties while shea butter softens and smoothes for immediate relief.

The result is a lip balm that provides immediate soothing relief while it works to repair and protect your lips. Dry, cracked lips feel soothed from the moment you apply. With continued use, lips look and feel healthier with restored moisture and a smoother texture.

What truly sets Aquaphor apart is its clinically proven ability to relieve dryness and soothe chapped lips. In clinical evaluations, 100% of participants reported an improvement in dryness and 80% reported an improvement in chapped lips after just one day of use. With 3-6 days of continued use, lips look and feel completely repaired.

Aquaphor Lip Repair is also free of fragrances and parabens, making it a great choice for sensitive lips. It can be used as often as needed, even for severely dry lips, without worry of irritation or sensitivity.

Having this lip balm on hand is a must for smooth, comfortable lips year round. Its nourishing formula provides soothing relief from:

  • Dryness from cold, dry air
  • Chapping from wind and sun exposure
  • Tight, dry feeling from matte lipsticks
  • Flaking and peeling after using lip scrubs

With the packaging of two 0.35oz tubes, you can keep one lip balm in your purse, backpack, gym bag or car so it’s always close at hand when you need it. No more anxiously searching for a lost lip balm!

You can also share one with a friend or family member who suffers from chronically dry lips. It makes a thoughtful gift accompanied by a sweet note about how it’s helped give you smooth, comfortable lips.

Experience long-lasting relief and take the guesswork out of lip care with Aquaphor Lip Repair. Simply apply liberally as needed for instant moisture and soothing action. Within days of continued use, rough flaky lips will be repaired to reveal smoother, softer, more touchable lips.

With its clinically proven formula, Aquaphor Lip Repair lip balm is trusted by dermatologists and makeup artists alike. Customers love that it hydrates without an overly glossy or greasy feel:

“This stuff is amazing. It has helped my extremely chapped, peeling lips caused by medication side effects. I have tried just about every kind of lip balm and treatment available and this is the only one that works. It healed my lips quickly and keeps them soft now. It isn’t super glossy or slick feeling either which I like.” – Mary L.

“I get insanely dry, cracked lips in the winter and this stuff is the only thing that helps me. It creates a barrier that locks in moisture and stays put. I can put it on at night and wake up with soft moisturized lips in the morning. Total lifesaver!” – Jennifer R.

With its protective, nourishing formula, Aquaphor Lip Repair relieves even severely dry, cracked lips. Experience smooth, touchable lips with continued use. Add it to your cart now for an affordable solution you’ll reach for every day.


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