AOA Studio Makeup Sponge Set of 6 (Pink)


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Give your makeup routine a boost with the AOA Studio Makeup Sponge Set. This set of 6 pink beauty sponges is specially designed to help you achieve flawless coverage for all your makeup needs.

Latex-Free and Super Soft Material

These makeup blenders are made of high-quality latex-free and super soft material that gently hugs the contours of your face without irritation. The soft texture allows the sponge to seamlessly blend liquid, cream and powder formulas without absorbing too much product.

Unique Shape for Versatile Use

Each sponge features a tapered end for precision application around eyes and lips, and a rounded end that evenly buffs foundation onto the skin. The unique hourglass shape also fits comfortably in your hand, making application easy and mess-free.

Use Wet or Dry

The AOA Studio sponges can be used dry for quick powder touch-ups or wet with water to dampen and expand the sponge for blending creams and liquids. Using the sponges wet provides sheer, natural coverage while dry use offers fuller coverage.

Effortless Cleaning

These makeup blenders are durable and fast drying so they can be used over and over. Simply rinse thoroughly with water to completely clean off makeup. You can also use a gentle makeup brush cleaner to sanitize. Let air dry completely before next use.

Flawless, Streak-Free Results

The soft, velvety texture of these sponges allows seamless blending and buffing of makeup for a smooth, flawless finish. The rounded edges reach tight areas around nose and eyes for even application without streaks.

Perfect for All Skin Types

Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, these latex-free sponges gently press product into skin without dragging or tugging. The velvety application works for sheer to full coverage looks.

Multipurpose Beauty Tool

In addition to flawless makeup application, these sponges can also be used to apply skin care products and primers. Use a damp sponge to evenly distribute and blend in serums, lotions, sunscreen and more.

Set of 6 Sponges

This complete set includes 6 pink colored sponges so you’ll always have a clean one on hand. Keep some in your makeup bag for touch-ups on-the-go.

Tips for Using Your Makeup Sponges

Always start with a damp sponge for blending liquids and creams. Wet thoroughly and squeeze out excess water before use.
Use a patting and stippling motion to press foundation into skin rather than wiping or swiping. This gives a more airbrushed effect.
Rotate between a few sponges during your routine to avoid transferring makeup and bacteria buildup on one sponge.
Never share sponges with other people to prevent spreading germs.
Wash sponges frequently with mild soap and water. Discard when stained or ripped. Let dry completely before next use.
For a deeper clean, disinfect with brush cleaner or a mix of water and hydrogen peroxide. Rinse thoroughly.
Don’t leave damp sponges sitting out. Always store completely dry.
With the AOA Studio Makeup Sponge Set, you’ll have the high-quality tools you need to create flawless makeup applications. These latex-free sponges blend and buff liquid, cream and powder formulas smoothly and evenly for natural looking coverage. Get salon-quality results at home with this must-have set.


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