AOA 6-Piece Mochi Makeup Sponge Set


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Give your makeup routine a boost with the AOA 6-Piece Mochi Makeup Sponge Set. This collection includes 6 latex-free makeup sponges in a variety of fun shapes and sizes to apply all your favorite beauty products seamlessly.

Unique Shapes for Flawless Application

The unique shapes of these makeup sponges allow you to easily grip and maneuver the sponges over contours and angles on your face. The rounded bottom is perfect for blending liquid and cream foundations, concealers, and blush onto the cheeks and forehead. Use the pointed tip to precisely apply product around the eyes, nose and lips. The curved edge fits nicely under the eyes to blend concealer without tugging on the delicate under eye area.

Latex-Free and Gentle on Skin

Each makeup sponge is made from super soft, latex-free foam that feels gentle on skin. The material quickly absorbs liquid and cream products without absorbing too much product or becoming overly saturated. Compared to bristle makeup brushes, these sponges provide smoother, streak-free application that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Use Wet or Dry

You can use the AOA mochi sponges wet or dry depending on your preferences and the type of product you’re using. To dampen, run the sponges under water and gently squeeze out excess moisture before use. The slight dampness helps blend liquid and cream products seamlessly. Or use the sponges dry for quick powder touch-ups throughout the day. The sponges work with any type of makeup including liquid foundation, BB cream, concealer, contour sticks, setting powder, blush, highlighter and more.

Convenient Multi-Pack

Purchasing this 6-piece set means you’ll always have a clean sponge on hand. Keep some in your makeup bag for touch-ups and swap out sponges each day or few uses to avoid spreading bacteria. It’s more economical to purchase a multi-pack rather than individual sponges too. Share extras with friends or keep the colorful sponges in separate makeup bags.

Easy to Clean

These makeup sponges are designed to be reused over and over. Simply wet the sponge, lather with a gentle cleanser and massage in circular motions to remove residue. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Allow to air dry completely before using again to prevent mold growth. With proper cleaning, these sponges will maintain their soft, bouncy texture and last for months. Replace once the sponge appears misshapen or isn’t bouncing back after washing.

Give Your Makeup Routine a Boost

Take your beauty routine to the next level with these colorful mochi makeup sponges. The soft latex-free material applies all types of makeup smoothly and seamlessly without absorbing excess product. Use the sponges wet or dry to blend liquid foundation, concealers, blush, highlighter, setting powders and more without streaking. The fun shapes allow you to easily grip and maneuver the sponges over the contours of your face. Pick up the AOA 6-Piece Mochi Makeup Sponge Set today for flawless makeup application!


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