Andis Professional Barber Hair Clipper and Trimmer Kit


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Capture That Classic Barbershop Feel at Home With the Andis 17195 Finishing Combo

Tired of lackluster haircuts from the corner supercuts? Ever find yourself wishing you could get that crisp, expertly-lined style in the comfort of your own bathroom? Then it’s time to bring the authentic barbershop experience home.

With the Andis 17195 Finishing Combo, you’ll have everything you need to cut, edge, and style your hair just like the pros. This classic pair features the T-Outliner Trimmer for crafting exact lines, curves and details, and the ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver for smoothing and finishing those details.

[h2]An Iconic, Retro-Cool Design[/h2]

Andis clippers have been the choice of expert barbers for nearly 100 years, and the 17195 combo carries on that rich heritage.

These tools have a sleek, retro design reminiscent of vintage barbershops. The T-Outliner trimmer sports a full metal housing and etched gold accents. Its textured grip and unique cross-hatch handle give you superior control while reducing hand fatigue. The lithium shaver has a handsome black and silver color scheme. Together, they look professional yet approachable – exactly what you want for recreating that old-school barbershop feel.

[h2]Powerful Rotary Motor Cuts All Hair Types[/h2]

Under the hood, these clippers are engineered for performance. The T-Outliner houses a powerful rotary motor that whirs at 7200 strokes per minute. It zips through any hair type with ease – from the thickest, most coarse beards to the finest strands. And it does this with less noise, vibration and heat than cheaper electromagnetic clippers.

The lithium shaver uses an advanced linear motor to deliver over 8000 cuts per minute. Its ultra-sharp blades make quick work of stray hairs and whiskers for the ultimate polished look. No more razor bumps or irritation!

[h2]Long-Lasting Lithium-Ion Battery[/h2]

Both tools run on a high-performance lithium-ion battery. This battery holds a charge for over 80 minutes of cordless use. When it’s time to recharge, the battery juices up in about an hour.

The lithium-ion power source is ultra-lightweight. This prevents fatigue during prolonged grooming sessions. It also allows the tools to maintain a consistent speed from start to finish – no weakening or drag as the charge depletes. Just strong, steady power for immaculate cuts.

[h2]Ergonomic Design Minimizes Strain[/h2]

The 17195 combo is designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Both the trimmer and shaver boast ergonomic grips that give you enhanced control while reducing hand strain.

The T-Outliner has an extra-wide precision blade so you can see exactly what you’re cutting. The textured grip helps these bulky clippers feel secure in your hand. And the unique cross-hatch handle pattern improves your hold while reducing friction.

The lithium shaver is ultra-lightweight at just 1 pound. It rests comfortably in your hand allowing you to maneuver it at all angles. The rubberized grip helps you keep a firm, sturdy hold through long shaving sessions. No slipping or blunders here!

Together, these ergonomic features let you focus on creating crisp lines and details without exerting excess effort or enduring hand cramps. Just smooth, precise cutting in total comfort.

[h2]Salon-Quality Grooming Without the Hassle[/h2]

Recreate the authentic barbershop experience from the convenience of home with the Andis 17195 finishing combo. Ditch the noisy electromagnetic clippers that pull and overheat. This powerful pair offers cordless freedom and the ability to cut, edge, and detail like a pro.

Experience the nostalgia of an old-school cut without sitting in a dusty shop or relying on inconsistent chain stores. Craft facial hair, fades, and tight details just as you envision them. Look sharp at a moment’s notice!

The Andis finishing combo comes with blade oil and cleaning brushes so you can keep your tools performing like new for years to come. For crisp, expert results with classic barbershop style, the 17195 is a cut above the rest.


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