ANDIS Cool Care Clipper Lubricating Spray 5-in-1 (3 Pack)


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Keep your clippers running cool and clean with the ANDIS Cool Care Clipper Lubricating Spray 5-in-1. This versatile spray lubricates, cleans, cools, disinfects, and prevents rust, all in one handy can.

Lubricates Blades for Smooth Cutting

The premium lubricating formula reduces friction and heat buildup during use. This allows the blades to glide effortlessly through hair for a smooth, even cut every time. Regular lubrication also helps prolong the life of your clipper blades.

Cools Blades and Housing

As you cut hair, spray the Cool Care formula directly onto the blades and body of your clippers. The fast-evaporating spray lowers the temperature of the blades and housing for comfortable handling, even during marathon cutting sessions. This cooling effect also helps prevent damage to the motor.

Cleans Away Hair, Dirt and Debris

Over time, hair, skin and styling products can build up on your clipper blades. The powerful cleaning agents in Cool Care quickly break down and dissolve away these stubborn deposits. Regular cleaning keeps your blades hygienic and sharp.

Disinfects to Stop Germs in Their Tracks

Cool Care contains antibacterial ingredients that sanitize your clipper blades, handles, guards and attachments. Disinfecting your tools between each client helps prevent the spread of germs in your salon.

Prevents Rust and Corrosion

The lubricating formula leaves an invisible protective coating that shields your blades from moisture. This prevents rust and corrosion even when storing your clippers for extended periods. You’ll enjoy like-new performance clip after clip.

Designed for All Clippers

Compatible with all major clipper brands and models – including detachable blade models. The versatile formula works great for full size clippers, detachable blade trimmers, edgers, liners, and more.

USA-Made Cutting Tool Experts

With over 50 years experience, ANDIS is one of America’s leading brands for barber and salon tools. Their clippers, trimmers, blades and accessories are used by professionals worldwide. Cool Care lubricating spray continues their tradition of innovative, high-performance products.

What’s Included

3 cans of ANDIS Cool Care Clipper Lubricating Spray
Each 12 ounce aerosol can provides 600+ sprays
Enough for 200+ haircuts

How to Use

Spray directly onto the blades while running clipper (2-3 seconds)
Wipe away any excess with a cloth or brush
Repeat lubrication every 1-2 haircuts for best performance
For deep cleaning, spray liberally over blades and let sit for 5 minutes before wiping clean.

Keep Your Clippers Running Like New

Don’t let dirty, overheated tools slow you down. Keep your clippers performing at their best with ANDIS Cool Care Clipper Spray. The 5-in-1 formula will have your tools running clean, cool and cut after cut.

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