Andis Clipper Oil – The Essential Cutting Blade Lubricant for Smooth Trimming


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Getting a clean, close trim requires quality clippers and regular blade maintenance. Andis Clipper Oil is specifically formulated to keep your clipper blades sharp and functioning at their best. With just a few drops before each use, it lubricates the blades for a smoother, cooler cut and prevents unnecessary wear.

Keeps Blades Sharp for Accurate, Safe Trimming

Dull blades don’t just make messy cuts – they pull and tear at the hair rather than slicing cleanly. This tugs at the skin, causing irritation and ingrown hairs. It also poses a safety risk, as tugging can lead to nicks and cuts. Andis clipper oil lubricates the blades so they slice through hair effortlessly for a close trim without the damage.

Glides Blades Smoothly to Prevent Overheating

Friction from tightly-pressed blades builds up heat that’s damaging to clipper motors and blade edges. Andis clipper oil is precisely calibrated to keep your clipper blades gliding smoothly to prevent excess heat. This protects the motor and blades from wearing out prematurely.

Colorless, Odorless Formula Won’t Alter Hair or Irritate Skin

Some lubricating oils can discolor or leave an unpleasant scent on the hair and scalp. Andis clipper oil is formulated to be clear and odorless, so it won’t interfere with hair color or irritate sensitive skin. Just a few drops keep your blades gliding smoothly for the cleanest, coolest trim.

Protects Against Rust and Corrosion

Clipper blades are susceptible to corrosion from moisture, which can pit and dull the fine edges. Andis clipper oil contains anti-rust agents that coat and protect blades from oxidation between uses. This keeps them functioning like new for much longer.

Extends Blade Life to Save You Money

Quality clipper blades aren’t cheap, but Andis clipper oil can help you stretch each set’s usable life significantly. Regular lubrication and rust protection reduces the microscopic wear that causes blades to deteriorate. Don’t waste money replacing them prematurely – keep your blades going strong with Andis.

Easy to Use for Consistent Blade Care

Caring for your clipper blades is quick and easy with Andis clipper oil. Just apply 2-3 drops directly to the blades before clipping. Wipe away any excess with a soft cloth. Then brush hair clippings from the blades when finished. The oil will continue protecting the blades until your next use.

Trusted by Professional Barbers and Stylists

Andis has been making professional-quality clippers and blade care products since 1922. The Andis brand is trusted by barbers and hairstylists worldwide for providing the tools they need for quality hair care. Keep your own clippers working like the pros with Andis clipper oil.

Buy With Confidence for Total Blade Care

You invest good money in quality clippers and blades. Don’t throw that investment away by neglecting proper blade care. Andis clipper oil provides everything you need for well-lubricated, rust-free blades and smooth, even cutting. Click Add to Cart now to keep your clippers clipping for years to come.


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