Andis 38335 Professional Heat Ceramic Press Comb for Silky Smooth Hair


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Get salon-quality hair with the Andis 38335 Professional Heat Ceramic Press Comb! This innovative hair styling tool combines the straightening power of a flat iron with the volumizing effects of a comb for hair that’s silky, smooth, and full of body.

Ceramic Technology Protects and Smooths

At the heart of this hair comb straightener is an advanced ceramic heating element that distributes even heat across the teeth to gently straighten hair. The smooth ceramic glides over strands easily without snagging or pulling for frizz-free styling. It emits negative ions and far-infrared heat to seal the cuticle and lock in moisture so hair stays hydrated, shiny, and resistant to damage. The uniform heat ensures there are no hot spots that can burn or break hair. The longer your hair is exposed to the gentle ceramic warmth, the smoother, softer, and straighter it becomes.

Fast 30-Second Heat Up

You don’t have to wait around for this innovative hair comb to heat up. It takes only 30 seconds to reach the optimal styling temperature of 450°F. The rapid heating gets you styling faster so you can achieve the smooth, straight look you want in no time. There’s no need to struggle with a comb that takes forever to warm up when you’re in a hurry in the morning.

20 Adjustable Heat Settings

Customize the styling experience with 20 different heat settings ranging from 250°F to 450°F. Low temperatures add gentle warmth and subtle straightening for thin or damaged hair. Crank up the heat for thick, coarse, or hard-to-manage hair that needs higher temperatures to smooth and tame flyaways. The adjustable settings provide the precise level of heat styling needed for your hair type and desired look.

30-Minute Auto Shut Off

The auto shut off feature provides peace of mind by turning the styling comb off automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your hot comb again. The built-in safety functionality helps protect your home and family by preventing accidental fires or burns. You can step away from your styling session without having to stress about your hot comb still being on.

Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Style comfort is just as important as style results. This innovative hair comb straightener features a lightweight design that won’t cause hand or wrist strain during prolonged styling sessions. The smooth, ergonomic handle and swivel cord provide maximum control and flexibility for easy maneuvering. You can tackle touch-ups and detail work without discomfort or fatigue.

Dual Voltage for Worldwide Use

Take this versatile hair styling comb anywhere in the world thanks to the dual voltage system. It automatically adapts to operate at 120 to 240V and 50 or 60Hz making it ideal for travel. Now you don’t have to pack a bulky universal converter to use your hot comb when you’re on the road. Just plug it in and enjoy smooth, sleek hair whether you’re stateside or abroad.

Styling Versatility for All Hair Types

This professional ceramic press comb is designed to straighten and style all types and textures of hair. The extended teeth detangle, smooth, and control thick, curly hair. Shorter teeth at the handle allow for precise styling of bangs and layers. Use it to add body and volume at the roots, gently press for sleek shine, or flip ends under or out for curved shapes.

Gentle on Extensions, Wigs, and Weaves

The even ceramic heat won’t damage expensive extensions, wigs, or weaves like harsh irons can. Safely style synthetic and human hair additions without melting, scorching or breaking the delicate fibers. The curved-edge teeth gently smooth hair into place without pulling, ripping, or tangling.

Perfect for All Styling Needs

Take your hair from frizzy to fabulous with this multipurpose tool. It’s ideal for:

  • Smoothing flyaways and baby hairs
  • Taming frizz and adding shine
  • Straightening waves, curls, and coils
  • Adding volume at the roots for lift
  • Flipping ends under or out
  • Detangling wet hair
  • Finishing dry styling

Use it to prep hair before further styling or alone for an easy, put-together look.

High-End Results from Home

Get sleek, runway-ready hair without paying salon prices. This professional-grade ceramic hot comb delivers dramatic results and long-lasting straightness for a fraction of the cost of repeated salon blowouts. Achieve expensive-looking styles conveniently from home.

The Andis Advantage

Andis has been designing and manufacturing market-leading tools for the barber and stylist industry since 1922. This innovative ceramic hair comb straightener combines the brand’s century of hair care expertise with the latest technology. Expect premium performance and professional results from this salon-quality styling tool.

Smooth, Shiny Hair is Yours!

Achieve enviable straight, smooth locks with the Andis 38335 Professional Heat Ceramic Press Comb. Its advanced ceramic and smart design deliver dramatic results without damage. Get silky, frizz-free hair every day.


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