American Crew Men’s Hair Boost Powder – Get Gravity-Defying Volume and Texture!


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Give your hair an instant boost and achieve dramatic, gravity-defying styles with American Crew’s Hair Boost Powder. This innovative volumizing powder adds grit and texture that takes your look to new heights.

Lightweight Formula Creates Instant Lift and Separation

American Crew specially formulated their Hair Boost Powder to be an ultra lightweight, anti-gravity product that gives hair incredible lift, thickness and texture. The powder is designed to be poured directly onto dry hair and massaged into the roots and strands. As it adheres, it creates instant separation and lift even for the finest hair types.

Matte Finish That Lasts All Day

In addition to phenomenal lift and volume, American Crew’s Hair Boost Powder leaves behind a modern matte finish. This subtly textured look has staying power that will hold up all day, unlike some volumizers that lose their hold quickly. No need for touch ups here! The matte finish can also be layered with other American Crew styling products.

High Quality Ingredients Revitalize Hair

American Crew utilizes only top notch ingredients formulated especially for men’s hair needs. Key ingredients like Propylene Glycol and Citric Acid work to hydrate and restore hair’s natural moisture and shine. Silica Silylate provides flexible hold and thickens each strand with ease. These thoughtfully selected ingredients boost hair health while providing superior volume.

Simple Application for All Hair Types

Using American Crew’s Hair Boost Powder couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the puck a few times to loosen the powder
  • Pour a small amount into your palm
  • Sprinkle lightly and evenly onto dry hair
  • Ensure powder reaches roots for maximum lift
  • Style hair as desired

The volumizing powder can be applied to towel dried or completely dry hair. It’s effective on all hair types and styles, from fine straight hair to thick, coarse curls. For dramatic styles, layer it with other American Crew products like forming cream or fiber.

American Crew: Men’s Grooming Leader Since 1994

With decades of experience behind it, American Crew is a leader in men’s grooming and hair styling. Their innovative formulas cater to all aspects of men’s style including hair, beard, body, shave and skin care. They are dedicated to helping men look and feel their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hair Boost Powder add shine?

No, this powder has a matte finish and won’t make hair appear shiny or greasy.

Is it only for styling?

While great for styling, it also volumizes and boosts hair health with key ingredients.

Can it be used on wet hair?

It’s recommended to apply to dry hair but can be used on damp, towel dried hair as well.

How long does the lift last?

It will provide lift all day unlike some temporary volumizers. Re-apply as needed.

Is there anything else I need to style my hair?

The powder can be used on its own but also layers well with other styling products.

Be Your Best Self

Take your hair game to new heights and stand out from the crowd with American Crew’s Boost Powder. This one-of-a-kind volumizing treatment gives you the tools to create dramatic styles that defy gravity. Pick up a puck today and add long lasting lift and separation to your look.


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