American Crew Fiber Matte Finish Thickening Hair Styler for Fuller, Textured Looks


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Tame unruly locks and transform limp strands into full, textured styles with American Crew Fiber. This unique hair styling product combines the molding power of a wax with the natural, touchable texture of a fiber. Get sculpted styles that stay put all day without feeling sticky, stiff or crunchy.

Adds Thickness and Volume for Lively, Textured Strands

Does your hair lack body and fall flat? American Crew Fiber infuses each strand with pliable thickness and lift to create fuller styles, even if you have fine or thin hair. The lightweight formula coats hair without weighing it down, pumping up the volume for noticeably thicker locks. Fiber’s mineral clay base adheres to hair to build texture and make styles more resilient.

Matte Finish for a Modern, Natural Look

Skip the greasy gels and heavy pomades. American Crew Fiber leaves behind a modern matte finish with no trace of shine or gloss. The natural, non-greasy formula allows you to run your hands through your hair without residue. Styles look lived-in and touchable, not rigid or crunchy. It’s the perfect product for achieving textured bedhead or tousled looks.

Medium to Strong Hold Keeps Hair in Place

Sculpt and shape hair without fear of styles falling flat or frizzing with American Crew Fiber’s pliable hold. This strong, reworkable styler offers control without stiffness to allow natural movement. Fiber thickens and lifts hair at the root for extra support in maintaining vertically styled looks that stay in place all day. Flyaways and frizz are also tamed for a polished finish.

Ideal for Short to Medium, Straight to Wavy Hair

Both men and women can use American Crew Fiber for flexible hold and molding texture. The formula is ideal for individuals with straight, wavy or slightly curly hair ranging from 1-3 inches in length. Short to medium styles are perfect for fiber’s volumizing and texturizing abilities. Those with very curly or coily hair may prefer a more moisturizing cream.

Simple to Use and Easy to Wash Out

Achieve your ideal style in three easy steps:

  1. Apply a small amount of American Crew Fiber to damp or dry hair.
  2. Work through strands from roots to ends.
  3. Shape, sculpt and lift hair into desired style.

Fiber can be applied to wet or dry hair for versatility. There’s no need for blow drying or special styling techniques. Just use your fingers to mold hair into place. At the end of the day, Fiber rinses out cleanly with only shampoo leaving hair soft and natural.

What Sets American Crew Fiber Apart

  • Lightweight formula – Won’t weigh thin or fine hair down
  • Touchable texture – Leaves hair with a natural, soft finish
  • Versatile styling – Apply to damp or dry hair
  • Remoldable – Restyle hair throughout the day
  • Medium to strong hold – Locks styles into place
  • Matte finish – No shine or greasy residue
  • Thickening abilities – Adds fullness and lifts roots
  • Tames frizz – Smooths unruly strands

Experience Thicker, Fuller Hair

Take your hairstyling to the next level with American Crew Fiber. This innovative styler delivers molding power without weighing hair down or leaving behind a crunchy finish. Transform limp locks into textured, voluminous styles with natural movement. The matte finish provides a modern, low-shine look that’s perfect for day or night. Say goodbye to flat, lackluster hair and create fuller styles with staying power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can women use American Crew Fiber?
A: Yes, American Crew Fiber works well for both men and women. The formula is lightweight enough for fine or thin hair and provides texture, volume and hold without stiffness.

Q: What type of finish does Fiber provide?
A: Fiber has a matte finish that’s natural and low-shine. It leaves behind no greasy residue or glossiness.

Q: Does Fiber work on curly hair?
A: Fiber can provide light hold, volume and separation on mildly wavy or curly hair. Those with very coarse, coily curls may prefer a more moisturizing cream.

Q: Can Fiber be applied to wet or dry hair?
A: Yes, Fiber is versatile enough to use on damp or dry hair. Apply to wet hair before blowing drying for extra volume or use on dry hair for texture and hold.

Q: How much product should be used?
A: Start with a small amount, about the size of a dime, and add more if needed. Using too much Fiber can lead to a stiff, crunchy finish.

Q: Does Fiber cause flaking?
A: No, Fiber is made without waxes so it won’t flake as your hair moves. It rinses out easily with shampoo as well.

Q: How long does Fiber keep hair styled?
A: Fiber provides a medium to strong hold that can last all day, even through humidity and wind. Those with especially active lifestyles may want to bring it along for touch ups.

Take Your Hair Styling to the Next Level

Elevate your look with American Crew Fiber. This multitasking hair styler offers molding power and pliable hold to take men’s hairstyling to the next level. Texturize, volumize and sculpt styles that stay put sans stickiness. The lightweight formula and natural matte finish keep hair touchable and modern.


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