American Crew Fiber Cream for Men – Matte Finish Hair Styling with High Hold and Low Shine – 3 Oz


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Get the textured, natural hairstyle you desire with American Crew Fiber. This unique cream gel formula provides a high hold with low shine matte finish so you can style your hair just the way you like it.

Whether your hair is short, medium or longer length, Fiber helps shape, sculpt and tame so you can create any style with ease. Get texture and definition without stiffness or flakes. Form the tousled bedhead look, spikes, or sweep your hair off your forehead. Mold and shape as needed. American Crew Fiber allows you to be in control.

Get Touchable Texture and Definition Minus the Shine

Forget about gels that make your hair look slick, greasy, wet and overly done. Fiber cream gives you the pliable hold you want minus any oily or stiff residue.

This lightweight formula allows you to run your hands through your hair and reshape as needed. Restyle throughout the day without needing to add more product or rewet your hair.

Fiber goes on clean and gives hair a matte finish. Your hairstyle looks naturally styled rather than heavily layered with product.

Men appreciate how the cream defines, texturizes and lifts hair at the roots while keeping flyaways and frizz under control. Use it to add depth and dimension so your hairstyle stands out in a subtle way.

Nourishing Ingredients Tame and Condition

While providing molding capability, Fiber also nourishes hair. The ingredients moisturize, condition and tame unruly strands. Natural extracts and vitamins strengthen and repair hair from root to tip making it look and feel healthier.

Fiber does not dry out strands or cause flaking like inferior styling products. It leaves no sticky residue or buildup so you can restyle throughout the day. Regular use helps defend hair from environmental damage caused by sun, wind and pollution.

For All Hair Types and Styles

Men with all hair types can benefit from American Crew Fiber. Whether you have fine, straight, wavy, curly, thick or textured hair, this pliable styler helps you create your ideal look. Use it alone or layer it with other American Crew grooming products.

Straight and thin hair – Add texture and height
Wavy hair – Define waves, add flexible hold
Curly hair – Shape curls, tame frizz
Thick and coarse hair – Control and style unmanageable hair
Short styles – Spike and sculpt
Medium styles – Sweep and shape
Longer styles – Separate strands, tame frizz
The cream formula allows you to touch up your hair as needed throughout the day. No need for frequent reapplication. Simply work it into dry hair with your fingertips to refresh your style.

How to Use

Shampoo and condition hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly.
Towel dry hair to remove excess moisture but leave it damp.
Scoop out a small amount of American Crew Fiber cream with your fingertips. Rub it between your palms to warm and soften.
Work the cream through dry hair from roots to ends. Apply more as needed to achieve your desired look.
Style hair with your fingers, lift roots and arrange strands. Reach for a comb or brush to tweak styling.
Allow hair to air dry or blow dry on low heat. Avoid rubbing or touching hair until completely dry.
Run fingers through hair to loosen and tousle for a touchable, natural look.
Restyle throughout the day by applying a small amount of Fiber and arranging as desired.

A Trusted Men’s Hair Brand

For over 25 years, American Crew has specialized in male grooming products for hair, body, shave and style. By men, for men. Their goal is to help every man look and feel his best whether headed to the office, an important meeting or social event. Or simply embracing his personal style on the weekend.

Discover the American Crew difference. This trusted brand offers a full range of grooming products to build your best hair, skin and shave regimen. They strive to enhance your personal image and boost everyday confidence.

Choose American Crew Fiber when you want touchable texture and definition minus the greasy shine and hardness of gel. Get sculpting ability combined with moisturizing ingredients for hair that looks and feels its best. This lightweight cream offers the natural hold and matte finish men want.


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