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Get the perfect hair style with American Crew’s Defining Paste. This wax-like hair product will give you a medium hold with low shine – creating a natural, textured look that’s never stiff or sticky. Whether you have short, straight hair or medium length waves, the Defining Paste is ideal for molding your hair just the way you want it.

With its pliable, workable formula, American Crew’s Defining Paste makes it easy to create any style you desire. Simply rub a small amount between your palms and run it through damp or dry hair. You’ll get moldable texture that won’t flake or get crusty like a gel. The result is hair that looks and feels natural, not shellacked into place.

The medium hold of the Defining Paste means your hair will stay where you put it, while still having some natural movement. You won’t get an overly stiff or “helmet head” look that comes with a glue-like maximum hold product. This versatile paste is perfect for guys who want control and definition without a wet, shiny finish.

What sets American Crew’s Defining Paste apart is the low shine it provides. Many hair styling pastes and waxes can leave hair looking greasy, but this product has an ultra-matte result. Your hair will stay in place all day with a soft, natural texture, never appearing wet or oily. The low shine works well for any hair type and allows you to style wet or dry hair.

With just 3 ounces of Defining Paste, a little goes a long way to locking in the perfect hairstyle. American Crew recommends using it for shorter to medium length hair, whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or hard-to-tame hair. Users say it’s easy to apply small amounts throughout the hair without getting a heavy, overdone look.

How to Use American Crew’s Defining Paste:

Start with clean, damp hair. Blow dry to rough up the cuticle and create a textured base.
Scoop out a nickel to quarter sized amount of Defining Paste and rub it between palms to warm up and emulsify the product.
Work it through dry or damp hair, applying more product to areas that need extra hold. Style as desired.
For added volume and texture, put defining paste only in the roots. Style the rest of the hair regularly.
Run fingers through hair to break up stiff sections and create a more natural, piecey look.
With its pliable hold and matte finish, American Crew’s Defining Paste works for many hairstyles:

Spiky hair – Apply defining paste to dry hair and spike up the front with fingers.
Quiffs – Blow dry hair backwards and style into a quiff with a dime-sized amount.
Side Parts – Work through damp hair and comb it over to one side.
Textured Crop – Use in short to medium hair for a messed up, tousled style.
Curly Styling – Define curls and reduce frizz by scrunching paste into damp curls.
Slicked Back – Apply to wet hair and comb back for a polished finish.
The alcohol-free formula also moisturizes hair so it doesn’t dry out, especially for men who style their hair daily. Key ingredients like beeswax, soybean oil, and safflower oil condition and hydrate hair while providing control. The Defining Paste has a fresh, masculine scent that isn’t overpowering.

As part of American Crew’s collection of Award-Winning men’s styling products, the Defining Paste provides salon-quality performance. It’s designed specifically for men’s hair needs, giving you long-lasting hold that washes out easily. It also works well for thick or coarse hair that resists styling.

With the American Crew Defining Paste, you can create any hairstyle you want with a natural, textured finish. Whether you need light hold for wavy hair or stronger control for straight styles, this versatile paste delivers touchable texture and shape. Say goodbye to sticky hair gel and hello to pliable, movable hold.


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