Amazon Basics Super Soft and Absorbent 100% Egyptian Cotton Washcloths 6-Pack, Snow White, 12 x 12 Inch


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Give your skin the royal treatment with these super soft and absorbent 100% Egyptian cotton washcloths from Amazon Basics. Made from long staple Egyptian cotton known for its luxurious softness and durability, these washcloths gently exfoliate and cleanse without being abrasive.

The 600 GSM fabric weight means these washcloths have a plush, spa-like feel that pampers skin while their highly absorbent nature swiftly whisks away dirt, oil, and impurities. The dense, high pile weave stands up to repeated use and machine washing without falling apart or becoming scratchy.

Treat yourself to a little luxury every time you wash your face or take a bath by wrapping one of these snowy white Egyptian cotton washcloths around your hand. The 12 x 12 inch size covers plenty of surface area to efficiently clean your body using minimal strokes. This helps prevent irritation on delicate facial skin.

With a half dozen washcloths in each pack, you’ll always have a clean one on hand. Stash some near sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen so family members or guests can reach for one anytime they need to wash up. The classic solid white design coordinates with any decor while adding a touch of elegance to your space.

You can feel good knowing your Egyptian cotton washcloths are made in a factory certified by OEKO-TEX. This independent organization has verified these washcloths are free from over 300 harmful substances and have been produced using environmentally responsible practices.

Pamper yourself without paying luxury prices by bringing the spa home with Amazon Basics Egyptian Cotton Washcloths. Their uncompromising quality stands out wash after wash. The softness of 100% Egyptian cotton envelops skin in comfort that feels soothing and therapeutic.

Here are more reasons to love these Egyptian cotton washcloths:

Made of 100% Egyptian Cotton

Constructed with extra long staple Egyptian cotton known for softness, durability, and absorbency
Free of irritating textures; gently exfoliates without abrasiveness
Plush and Absorbent 600 GSM Fabric

Luxuriously thick and soft 600 GSM fabric weight
Highly absorbent to effectively cleanse skin
Dries swiftly after use to deter mold or mildew
Dense and Durable Weave

Tightly woven fabric has a dense, high pile
Stands up to repeated machine washing without fraying
Retains softness and absorbency over time
Spa-Like Feel

Provides a pampering, plush feel when used wet or dry
Using daily helps skin feel refreshed and renewed
Gentle enough for delicate facial skin
Machine Washable

Fully machine washable for easy care
Washcloths retain shape and absorbency after machine washing
Tumble dry low
12 x 12 Inch Size

Generous 12 x 12 inch size covers skin efficiently
Minimizes irritation by requiring less rubbing
Easy to wrap around hand or fold over washcloth bar
6 Washcloths Per Pack

Convenient multi-pack provides 6 washcloths
Keep some near every sink for family or guests
Always have a fresh one handy when you need it
Classic Solid White Design

Bright white complements any bathroom or kitchen
Provides a clean backdrop to dirt and impurities
Looks elegant layered in a decorative basket
OEKO-TEX Certified

Produced in a factory certified by OEKO-TEX
Guaranteed free of 300+ harmful substances
Made using environmentally responsible practices
Treat your skin to the soft luxury of 100% Egyptian cotton with this value pack of washcloths from Amazon Basics. Their luxurious feel and excellent cleaning power make everyday grooming feel like a trip to the spa.


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