Amazon Basics 5 Blade Razor Refills, Venus Handle Compatible (6 Pack)


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Treat yourself to a closer, smoother shave with the Amazon Basics 5 Blade Razor Refills. Specially designed to fit Venus razor handles, these refills will refresh your current razor and provide a comfortable shaving experience. With 5 ultra-thin blades surrounded by protective yet lubricating moisture ribbons, you’ll enjoy reduced irritation on even the most sensitive skin.

Five Ultra-Thin Blades for a Close, Comfortable Shave

The five ultra-thin blades are designed to cut hair as close to the skin as possible, while still maintaining comfort. Each blade has a coating that reduces friction and pulls moisture up to protect the skin. The result is an incredibly close shave with less irritation and redness. The multiple blades also help lift hair up, so every strand is cut evenly for maximum smoothness.

Moisture Surround Technology

Surrounding the blades are moisture ribbons infused with botanical oils and lubricants. These ribbons allow the razor to glide smoothly over the skin while depositing hydrating and nourishing ingredients. Dryness and friction are reduced, minimizing any post-shave discomfort. Skin is left feeling soft and smooth, not tight or itchy. The moisture surround system is ideal for use on dry, sensitive areas.

Rounded Cartridge Head

The cartridge head has a unique rounded shape that is designed to follow your body’s contours. Hard to reach areas like around the knees, underarms and bikini line can be easily accessed without extra pressure or stretching the skin. The smooth glide of the moisture surround system allows the rounded head to shave these delicate curves with ease. No more tricky angles or missed spots.

Venus Handle Compatibility

These refills are made to click right into Venus branded razor handles, both classic and modern styles. Simply eject the old cartridge and replace it with the new Amazon Basics refill to refresh your current Venus razor. The blades and lubricating ribbons will be sharp and ready to go, instantly improving performance. Enjoy premium quality shaves without having to purchase a whole new razor.

For Sensitive Skin

The five blade razors are ideal for those with sensitive skin. The ultra-thin blades minimize tugging and pulling on the skin, while the moisture ribbons prevent any irritation. Botanical oils and lubricants allow for an extra smooth glide and eliminate friction. Plus, the five blades mean you won’t have to go over the same area repeatedly, reducing overall skin contact. Less irritation means no more painful razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Use With Shave Gel or Cream

Prepare skin for an optimal shave by using Amazon Basics shave creams or gels. These products moisturize the skin and allow the blades to glide effortlessly across the surface. They also contain soothing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E to prevent any burning, itching or skin damage. The razor will be able to cut each hair without dragging or pulling. Finish your shave routine by applying a moisturizer to hydrate and nourish freshly shaved skin.

Convenient Subscribe & Save Reorders

Never run out of your replacement cartridges again! By selecting the Subscribe & Save option at checkout, you can get a new set of 6 refills automatically delivered on a schedule of your choosing. Customize the delivery frequency so fresh blades arrive just when you need them. The subscription will save you up to 15% off the regular price. Cancel anytime after the initial order. Replenish your razor refills easily with just a click.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Amazon Basics products are backed by a 1-year limited warranty and our friendly customer service team. We stand behind the quality of these razor refill cartridges. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us for a replacement or refund. We want your shaving experience to be smooth and comfortable every time.

Time to Refresh Your Shave

Pamper your skin and enjoy friction-free shaving with these Amazon Basics 5 Blade Razor Refills. The Venus handle compatibility means you can improve your current razor’s performance instantly. Smoother, irritation-free skin is just a click away – order your pack today.


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