Amazon Basics 5-Blade Razor for Women – Smooth Shaving and Long-Lasting Comfort


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Treat yourself to a close, comfortable shave with the Amazon Basics 5-Blade Razor for Women. This 4-piece set includes one ergonomic razor handle, two refill cartridges, and one handy shower hanger so you can store it neatly in your shower.

Five Sharp Blades for a Close, Smooth Shave

Each razor cartridge features 5 blades with an advanced comfort coating to help the blades glide gently over skin. The blades work in conjunction, with the first blade lifting, the second and third blades cutting, and the fourth and fifth blades smoothing for a close shave. The result? Smooth, stubble-free skin without irritation or razor burn.

Moisture-Rich Lubrication Strip

The lubrication strip contains botanical oils and moisture-rich ingredients. When activated by water, it releases a creamy lather to help the blades glide smoothly over skin. The lubrication strip also contains aloe vera and vitamin E to leave skin soft and hydrated.

Contoured Handle Offers Control and Comfort

The contoured razor handle provides a secure, easy grip so you can control the angle and pressure as you shave. Rubber grips on the front and back give extra traction when wet for added safety and maneuverability in the shower or bath. At 4.5 inches long, it’s designed for comfort and ideal for reaching all areas.

Fits Amazon Basics Razor Cartridges

The cartridges are designed to fit Amazon Basics branded razor handles only. They will not fit razors from other brands like Gillette or Schick. Be sure to replace cartridges regularly, or when tugging or irritation occurs, for optimal comfort and performance.

Hypoallergenic Formula Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Formulated to be gentle on skin, the razor and lubrication strip are hypoallergenic. The botanical oils help moisturize as you shave to prevent dryness. Enjoy smooth, soothed skin after each use. Great for sensitive skin prone to irritation, bumps, or ingrown hairs.

Shower Hanger for Convenient Storage

The included shower hanger suctions to your shower wall for easy storage and drying. Hang your razor vertically with the blades facing up and away from water. This allows the lubrication strip to dry properly between uses to extend its lifespan. Keep your razor in optimal condition and prevent bacteria buildup.

High Quality Amazon Brand

Amazon Basics products are known for their premium quality and affordable price points. As an Amazon brand, you can trust this razor to deliver an exceptional shaving experience. Amazon stands behind it with a 1-year limited warranty.

Compare to Gillette Venus Extra Smooth

If you’re a fan of Gillette Venus Extra Smooth razors, give the Amazon Basics 5-blade razor a try. It offers similar features like 5 blades and a moisturizing lubrication strip to provide a close, comfortable shave. Plus, the lower price tag makes this a great value alternative without sacrificing performance.

alexa, Reorder Razor Refills

Never run out of fresh cartridges again! This Amazon Basics razor works with Alexa Shopping. Simply say “Alexa, reorder Amazon Basics razor refills” and your replacements will be on the way. Alexa makes shaving easy.

Smooth Skin Has Never Been Easier

Achieve touchably soft, stubble-free skin with the Amazon Basics 5-Blade Razor for Women. Its sharp blades, lubricating strip, ergonomic handle and included shower hanger provide a close shave you’ll love. Pamper yourself affordably with this everyday essential backed by the Amazon Basics guarantee.

Product Details:

  • Includes 1 razor handle, 2 cartridges, 1 shower hanger
  • 5 blades with advanced comfort coating
  • Lubrication strip contains botanical oils & aloe vera
  • Contoured rubberized handle for control
  • Fits Amazon Basics replacement cartridges
  • Hypoallergenic, gentle on skin
  • Hang vertically in shower to dry
  • 1 year limited warranty

So say goodbye to nicks, cuts and irritation and experience the comfort of a close shave with the Amazon Basics 5-Blade Razor for Women. Add it to your cart now for smooth, touchable skin anytime!


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