Amazon Basics 5-Blade Razor for Delicately Smooth Skin


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Achieve remarkably smooth skin with the Amazon Basics 5-Blade Women’s Razor. This thoughtfully designed razor provides an exceptionally close shave and long-lasting sharpness for optimal comfort and convenience.

Five Ultra-Sharp Blades for a Luxuriously Smooth Shave

At the heart of this razor are five ultra-thin blades aligned close together to gently lift and cut each hair without irritation. The unique blade configuration enables a single pass shave to easily capture fine hairs and achieve strikingly smooth skin. No need to go over the same area repeatedly when shaving with the Amazon Basics 5-blade razor.

Lubricating Strip Helps the Blades Glide

The hydrating lubricating strip is infused with botanical oils that activate with water. As you wet the razor, the lubrication is released to help the blades smoothly glide over contours and tricky areas like knees and ankles. The moisturizing formula with natural oils leaves skin feeling touchably soft and smooth.

Contoured Comfort Grip Provides Control

The thoughtfully contoured handle provides a secure, comfortable grip even when wet for controlled maneuvering as you shave. The rubberized grip aids dexterity while the balanced weight makes razor glide easily for seamless use. Thoughtful design elements provide an exceptionally close shave without knicks and cuts.

Hypoallergenic Cartridges are Gentle on Sensitive Skin

The hypoallergenic cartridges help prevent irritation on sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested and free of dyes, the refill blades are designed for those with easily inflamed skin. Change the cartridge once a week or when tugging occurs for optimal comfort.

Hanger Keeps Your Shower Organized

The complete set includes a hanger to neatly store your razor in the shower. The strong suction cup adheres securely to tile, glass, metal and other non-porous surfaces. Keep your razor off messy shower shelves and within easy reach.

Simple to Load New Cartridges

Loading a fresh cartridge takes just seconds. Simply hold the cartridge with blades facing down, remove the plastic cover, then push the cartridge into the razor handle until it clicks into place securely. Amazingly sharp blades are protected before use.

Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Shave

Experience the delightfully smooth sensation of the Amazon Basics 5-blade women’s razor. Thoughtfully designed for effortlessly close shaves and ulta-soft skin, this razor provides a little luxury to your daily routine. The hypoallergenic blades and lubricating strip nourish skin as you shave for optimal comfort.

What’s Included

  • 1 Amazon Basics women’s razor handle
  • 12 replacement cartridges
  • 1 adhesive shower hanger

Key Features

  • 5 ultra-thin blades for an extra close shave
  • Lubricating strip with botanical oils to hydrate skin
  • Contoured rubberized grip for control and handling
  • Hypoallergenic cartridges gentle on sensitive skin
  • Suction-cup hanger neatly stores in shower
  • Easy to load replacement cartridges

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Amazon Basics products are backed by a 1-year limited warranty and Amazon’s world-class customer service. We stand behind the quality of everything we sell. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know and we will make it right.

Make Mornings More Enjoyable

Start your day off right with a smooth, refreshing shave. The Amazon Basics 5-blade women’s razor delivers impressively close shaves in a single pass for time-saving convenience. Thoughtful design elements like the contoured handle and lubricating strip make shaving comfortable and enjoyable.

Treat yourself to luxuriously smooth, touchably soft skin each day with this quality razor. Designed to nourish skin and provide optimal control, the Amazon Basics razor aims to make a chore into a more pleasant ritual.

Order Today for Delicately Smooth Skin

Experience the delight of a razor that lifts and cuts hairs without tugging or irritation. Thoughtfully designed for women’s contours, the Amazon Basics 5-blade razor leaves skin remarkably smooth.


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