ALPHONSE Natural Looking Russian Lashes for a Soft, Wispy Effect


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Get ready to elevate your eye makeup game with the ALPHONSE Russian Lashes. These fluffy, wispy lashes are designed to create a subtly dramatic yet totally natural look. Keep reading to learn why these are about to become your new go-to falsies.

Flirty, Feathery Fullness

The ALPHONSE Russian Lashes feature a lash strip packed with feather-light fibers arranged in a special crisscross design. This creates the illusion of incredible thickness and volume, even though the lashes maintain a lightweight, comfortable feel.

The lash hairs are arranged in varying lengths, with shorter hairs towards the inner corners of your eyes and longer lengths towards the outer edges. This graduated style helps create a beautiful cat eye or fox eye shape. Combine them with your favorite eyelinerlook and get ready for next-level flirty flutter.

Barely-There Band

The ultra-slim clear band on the ALPHONSE Russian Lashes helps them blend seamlessly with your natural lash line. Made of comfortable, flexible silicone, the band creates a barely-perceptible line of adhesion to anchor the feather-light lashes in place.

The transparent band disappears against all skin tones, seamlessly fusing the falsies to your real lashes. No need for messy glues – just press the magnetic strip in place for instant hold. The slim profile band never bulks up your lash line or causes uncomfortable heaviness or pressure.

D Curl for Natural Drama

The ALPHONSE Russian Lashes feature a graceful D curl style that creates wide, eye-opening appeal. As the name suggests, the lashes curve into a subtle D shape that lifts and extends your natural eye shape.

With a 16mm length, these falsies add length without going overboard into an overly dramatic style. The D curl shape and light fluttery texture add multidimensional depth and fullness for a jaw-dropping yet totally natural look.

Made for Sensitive Eyes

Worried about irritation or discomfort from falsies? We’ve got you covered. The ALPHONSE Russian Lashes are specially crafted with hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly materials to prevent any risk of reaction.

The soft fibers are designed to feel weightless and breathable against your lids. No more poking, scratching or drooping – these lashes stay flexible and feather-light all day and night.

Sensitive eyes rejoice – you can finally experience the transformative power of falsies without redness or irritation. The clear band also minimizes adhesive contact with your delicate eye area.

How to Apply Your Russian Lashes

Applying your new Russian lashes is easy as can be:

Ensure eyes are clean and free of makeup, oil and debris. Trim lash band to fit your eye width if needed.
Holding the lash band between two fingers, gently press the center of the band against your natural lash line. Press down firmly to adhere.
Working from the center outwards, use your fingertips to gently press the ends of the lash bands towards your outer corners to fully secure the falsies in place.
Check placement in the mirror and carefully readjust the band position if needed. The inner and outer corners should align seamlessly with your natural lashes.
Once in place, the slim magnetic band will anchor the lashes to your lash line – no need for messy glues or adhesives!

Caring for Your Falsies

Always handle lashes gently by the lash band only to avoid damaging the delicate fibers
Use lash glue sparingly for extra hold if desired. Apply glue only to the lash band, avoiding contact with the fiber hairs.
Clean band gently after each use to remove any residue. Use oil-free makeup remover on a cotton pad.
Store lashes flat in the original case away from moisture, heat and sunlight to maximize longevity.

Flaunt Your Peepers with ALPHONSE

Take your eye makeup looks to alluring new heights with the ALPHONSE Russian Lashes. The wispy, featherlight fibers and slim clear band adds flirty fullness and barely-there drama for next level impact.

Experience the transformative power of falsies without discomfort or irritation. The vegan-friendly construction is gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

Whether you’re looking to amplify your daytime style or pull together a show-stopping nighttime glam, these Russian-inspired lashes bring the perfect balance of volume and naturalness.

Elevate your eyes and your look with the ALPHONSE Russian Lashes today!


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