Almay Easy Glide Eyebrow Definer Pencil with Brush, Dark Blonde


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Get perfectly defined eyebrows with the Almay Easy Glide Eyebrow Definer Pencil. This all-in-one pencil makes it easy to achieve natural-looking brows with its unique triple tool design. The pointed tip precisely defines and fills in sparse areas while the flat edge lightly fills for a smooth, complete look. The spool brush seamlessly blends pencil strokes for soft, natural-looking brows.

With its blendable formula and built-in brush, this pencil allows you to create flawless brows in three easy steps:


Use the ultra-fine tip to outline your brow shape and fill in any sparse areas with hair-like strokes. The tapered tip gives you pinpoint precision so you can draw in missing hairs exactly where you want them.


Use the flat edge of the pencil to lightly fill in your brows for a polished look. The wide surface covers more area with fewer strokes, helping you quickly fill in brows for a smooth, full appearance.


Brush brow hairs up and out with the spooled brush to seamlessly blend the pencil. Brushing blurs any harsh pencil lines, diffusing color for natural-looking brows.

With just a few simple steps, you can define, fill, and blend your way to fabulous brows!

Get Flawless, Natural-Looking Brows

This brow definer pencil delivers buildable color payoff and glides on easily without dragging or pulling. The ultra-creamy formula provides smooth application and seamless blending every time.

The attached brush allows you to blend as you go, so you can perfect the shape and intensity of your brows until you achieve the look you want. The brush smoothes over any harsh lines and diffuses pencil color for natural-looking, hair-like strokes.

The triangular barrel shape prevents rolling so you can maintain control while precisely defining brows. The slanted pencil tip hugs the contours of your face for comfortable application.

Long-Lasting, Smudge-Proof Wear

Once applied, the transfer-resistant formula adheres to skin and brow hairs for long wear that lasts all day. The pigmented color stays put without smudging or fading.

This eyebrow pencil is water-resistant as well, so you don’t have to worry about your brows budging if you get caught in the rain or work up a sweat. Rain or shine, your brows will look fresh and flawless for up to 12 hours.

Dermatologist Tested and Hypoallergenic

This eyebrow pencil is hypoallergenic and free of fragrance, making it ideal for sensitive skin and eyes. It has been rigorously tested by dermatologists to ensure safety. The formula contains no phthalates, parabens, or mineral oil that could cause irritation.

Even if you’re prone to allergies or sensitivity, you can enhance your brows with peace of mind. Define and fill brows without worrying about redness or swelling.

Universal Shade Flatters All Complexions

The universal dark blonde shade complements a variety of hair colors from medium to dark blonde. The ashy undertone flatters most complexions so you can achieve natural-looking brows.

Whether you have cool or warm skin undertones, this shade creates defined brows that seamlessly blend with your natural hair color. The ultra-fine tip lets you create hair-like strokes that look like real brows.

Precise Definition for Sparse Brows

If your brows are over-plucked or naturally sparse, this definer pencil allows you to create the illusion of fuller brows. The three-in-one pencil makes it easy to draw on precise hair-like strokes exactly where you need them.

The fine tip gives you artistic control so you can mimic real brow hairs, while the spooly brush helps brows appear denser by blending pencil color into skin. Fill in patchiness and define the brow shape you want with this foolproof pencil.

Shape, Define, and Fill – Made Easy!

Get picture-perfect brows in three quick steps:

1. Shape – Outline your desired brow shape with short, hair-like strokes using the ultra-fine tip.

2. Define – Use the pointed tip to fill in any sparse areas with pencil strokes that mimic real brow hairs.

3. Fill – Use the flat edge to lightly fill brows for a smooth, complete look.

Then simply brush up and out with the spooly to blend – it’s that easy! This all-in-one definer pencil takes you from sparse brows to full, natural-looking arches with minimal effort.

Take Your Brows from Drab to Fab!

Elevate your eye makeup looks by framing them with well-defined brows. This brow definer pencil makes it quick and easy to go from unshaped, sparse brows to full, flawless arches in just a few minutes.

The unique triple tool design puts everything you need to create natural-looking brows at your fingertips. Define sparse areas, fill for a polished look, and seamlessly blend – all with one convenient pencil!

Experience the transformative power of defined brows with the Almay Easy Glide Eyebrow Definer Pencil today!


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