Albatross Health Ice Roller & Gua Sha Set – Natural Skin Care Tools for Soothing Puffiness, Wrinkles and Tired Skin


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Find your inner glow and soothe tired skin with the Albatross Health Ice Roller & Gua Sha Set. This duo of natural beauty tools promotes circulation, minimizes puffiness, evens skin tone and leaves you feeling refreshed. Use them together or separately as part of your regular skincare routine for a spa-like facial any time.

Refresh and Revive

Glide the ice roller over your face to cool, calm and de-puff your complexion. The non-toxic gel roller reduces inflammation and redness while promoting blood flow. It feels incredibly soothing on irritated or sunburned skin. Ten minutes with the ice roller will leave your complexion looking radiant and renewed.

The jade gua sha stone has a naturally cool temperature that feels amazing on skin. Use it to gently massage upward strokes along your face. This boosts circulation and lymph drainage to minimize dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. Consistent use will help stimulate collagen production and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer, more toned skin.

Natural Materials

The ice roller features a BPA-free plastic handle and pure gel roller head. It maintains a chill in your fridge or freezer without getting too cold. Glide the smooth gel over clean skin for an instantly cooling sensation.

Gua sha massage uses only 100% natural jade stone. Known for its healing properties, jade has a smooth, low friction surface that easily contours to facial features. It feels soothing and refreshing during a lymphatic facial massage. The durable stone is easy to sanitize between uses.

Daily Use

Add the ice roller and gua sha stone into your regular beauty routine for spa-like facials at home. Keep the ice roller in your freezer or fridge so it’s ready whenever your skin needs a boost. Use it to massage cream, serum or toner into skin. The cooling action helps products penetrate deeper while constricting pores. Reduce undereye bags, puffy cheeks and inflammation from breakouts or sunburn. Ten minutes with the ice roller leaves skin looking glowy and refreshed.

Incorporate gua sha massage when you have more time. Always apply a facial oil or cream first as lubrication. Glide the jade stone outward and upward along facial contours using light pressure. Focus on problem areas like brows, jawline, cheeks and nose to boost circulation and drain fluids. Just 5 minutes per day will sculpt facial features, improve muscle tone and minimize puffiness.

Facial Upkeep Anytime

Pamper your complexion on a weekly self-care night with an at-home facial. Cleanse and exfoliate skin to remove impurities. Apply your favorite serum or ampoule and use the gua sha stone to massage it in lifting motions. Follow with a rich cream. Chill the ice roller in the fridge then glide over skin to close pores and seal in moisture. Your skin will look smooth, firm and radiantly refreshed.

Before a big event, use the ice roller to de-puff eyes and cheeks for a wide awake look. The jade gua sha efficiently contours along the jawline and cheekbones to shape your natural beauty. Bring both tools along when traveling so you can maintain your skincare routine and combat skin fatigue. Keep them handy after long work days or late nights when your complexion needs a reviving pick-me-up.

Experience the Benefits

The Albatross Health Ice Roller & Gua Sha Set promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage for clear, glowing skin. Consistent use minimizes puffiness, evens skin tone, increases collagen and refines facial contours. These handcrafted natural tools feel soothing and relaxing during use. Pamper yourself with the cooling sensations of the ice roller and jade gua sha stone. Add them to your skincare regimen to smooth, revive and beautify your complexion.

Albatross Health Ice Roller & Gua Sha Set Features:

BPA-free plastic ice roller with gel head
100% natural jade gua sha stone
Reduces puffiness and inflammation
Minimizes signs of fatigue
Promotes blood circulation
Boosts collagen and elastin
Tightens, smooths and firms skin
Non-toxic and easy to sanitize
Crafted for facial contouring
Soothes sunburned or irritated skin
Fridge/freezer friendly
Apply serums, creams and oils
Give your skin an instant pick-me-up or unwind with a luxurious at-home facial using these natural skincare tools. The Albatross Health Ice Roller & Gua Sha Set will restore your natural glow for beautiful, revitalized skin.


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