Aksice Beard Bib Apron – The Ultimate Beard Hair Catcher for a Clean Shave


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Tired of finding beard hair all over your sink and counter after grooming your beard? Want an easy way to contain the mess so you can shave and trim in peace? Then it’s time to try the Aksice Beard Bib Apron!

This innovative beard hair catcher is designed to catch all those stray hairs that would otherwise end up clogging your drain or stuck to your sink. The Aksice beard bib apron attaches securely to your mirror with suction cups and creates a hands-free solution for containing beard hair trimmings.

Keep Your Sink Clean of Beard Hair

The Aksice beard bib is made from a high quality waterproof fabric that will catch all your beard trimmings and prevent them from getting everywhere. No more spending time unclogging drains or wiping down the sink after you groom. Just attach the bib, trim as usual, then dispose of the hair by simply brushing it off into the trash. It’s that easy!

You’ll be amazed at how well this beard hair catcher works. The smooth surface and static-resistant fabric allows beard hair to release from the bib easily after use. No need to rinse out the apron or scrub at stuck on hairs. The Aksice beard bib catches it all so you can maintain a pristine sink and keep your bathroom tidy.

Easy to Use Design

Using the Aksice beard bib apron couldn’t be simpler. Just secure the adjustable neck strap around your neck, then attach the suction cups to your bathroom mirror or tile. The suction cups keep the bib firmly in place so you can trim and shave hands-free. When you’re done, remove the suction cups and dispose of the hair by brushing it off into the trash.

The one-button release neck strap ensures a custom fit for any beard wearer. It fits nicely against your chest to prevent stray hairs from escaping while you groom. And unlike other bib designs, there’s no complicated fastenings to deal with. The Aksice beard catcher is easy to get on and off for quick beard grooming sessions.

Fits Any Beard Trimmer

No matter what tool you use to maintain your beard – trimmer, razor, scissors – the Aksice beard bib will contain the mess. The upper bib provides full coverage across your neck and catches all types of facial hair trimmings. Use your favorite beard trimmer or shaver and see how well this beard hair catcher performs.

The smooth fabric surface allows blades to glide smoothly for an easy, frustration-free shaving and trimming experience. No more stopping to wipe down your tools or unclog the blades. The Aksice beard catcher contains all trimmings for uninterrupted grooming.

One Size Fits All

With its adjustable strap and roomy design, the Aksice beard bib provides a custom fit for men of all sizes and ages. The strap can expand up to 27 inches, making it ideal for larger necks. And the upper bib section measures a generous 10 x 14 inches to contain even the bushiest of beards.

Groom your beard with confidence knowing the Aksice beard apron will contain even the messiest trims. No stray hairs can escape this well-designed beard hair catcher.

High Quality Material

The Aksice beard bib is constructed from durable polyester fabric coated in PVC for water resistance. The material is soft and comfortable against skin, yet tough enough to withstand rugged grooming sessions. Stray beard hairs won’t cling to the smooth, non-stick surface, making clean up a breeze.

The 4 included suction cups are industrial strength and won’t damage surfaces. They keep the bib firmly planted to your mirror so you can trim and shave with total coverage. No need to keep reattaching a flimsy bib that won’t stay put. The Aksice beard catcher uses quality materials built to last.

Guaranteed Beard Grooming Satisfaction

Aksice stands behind their innovative beard bib design and provides a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the beard hair catcher, they will quickly address any issues.

Experience the convenience of hair-free beard grooming sessions with the Aksice Beard Bib Apron. Stop wasting time cleaning up hair clippings and maintain your bathroom with less effort. This beard hair catcher is a must-have for any bearded gentleman looking to contain their grooming mess. Order the Aksice beard bib today and see why it’s a top choice for keeping sinks clean!


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