Airbee Spray Bottles – Adjustable Mist Nozzle for Versatile Household Use


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Tackle any household task with ease using the innovative Airbee spray bottles! These durable plastic bottles are designed for versatility, featuring an adjustable nozzle that lets you quickly switch between a fine mist and steady stream. Simply turn the nozzle to suit your needs – mist delicate plants and clean windows or opt for a focused stream to tackle tough grease and grime.

Made from heavy duty HDPE plastic, the Airbee bottles withstand daily use without cracking or leaking. The ergonomic trigger design ensures a comfortable, fatigue-free grip during extended spraying sessions.

With measurement markings right on the bottle, mixing and measuring cleaning solutions is a cinch. The bottles resist harsh chemicals and come BPA-free for safe use around the home. Their leakproof and clog-free polypropylene spray heads have been tested for over 30,000 pumps!

Take the hassle out of household chores with the Airbee spray bottles. Their clever adjustable nozzles and durable build make them a versatile addition for:

Mixing and spraying DIY cleaners
Mist watering houseplants and gardens
Applying pet shampoos and coat spritzes
Refreshing laundry and fabrics with starch sprays
Detail spraying cars and vehicles
General cleaning around the house
The Airbee bottles come in a pack of two 16oz bottles, providing all the multi-purpose spraying power you need to tackle any job with precision and ease!


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