Achieve Picture Perfect Brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer


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Get ready to take your brows from blah to fabulous! Introducing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer, the secret weapon for flawless, natural-looking arches. This colorless wax pencil helps create the perfect base for your brow makeup, allowing you to easily fill, define, and extend the shape of your brows.

Sculpt the Brows of Your Dreams

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer is a makeup must-have for anyone wanting to take their brows to the next level. The smooth, hard wax formula helps groom unruly brows by taming brow hairs in place. Simply glide the pencil over hairs in the direction of growth to neaten your natural shape before filling them in. The primer keeps every hair locked into place for a clean, polished look that lasts.

Unlike clear brow gels that can flake off, this wax pencil offers a strong hold that keeps brows looking flawless from morning until night. The primer helps prevent your carefully groomed arches from falling out of place halfway through the day. No more losing shape by midday!

Intensify Your Brow Color

Using Brow Primer before applying brow powder creates the perfect smooth, hair-like texture for pigments to adhere to. The primer allows powder and pomades to glide onto brows seamlessly and effortlessly. You’ll achieve rich, vibrant color payoff without any excess powder dusting off or fading over time.

The primer also prevents brow products from gathering in any bare patches or uneven spots. This helps you expertly fill in more natural-looking brows for a soft, dimensional effect. Take your arches from sparse to spectacular in a few easy strokes!

Long Lasting Shaping Guide

The Brow Primer gives you the perfect guide to shape and extend your arches exactly how you want them. Simply outline the top and bottom edges of your brows with the primer first before filling them in. This lets you create crisp lines and beautifully balanced arches for a pro-level look.

The long wearing primer helps keep your brow shape locked in place as you fill it in for foolproof application. Brows always wind up perfectly synced without one side ending up higher or longer than the other. You’ll have enviable arches that are an instant confidence boost!

Achieve Natural Texture and Dimension

Unlike some brow products that leave a harsh, painted-on look, this primer helps build natural, hair-like texture. Use light, hair-like strokes with your brow pencil or brush to fill in sparse areas for beautifully full brows. The primer’s hold allows you to mimic real brow hairs for a soft, dimensional effect.

Easily simulate subtle highlights and shadows by applying a lighter shade towards the front and a darker one further back. Blend with the spoolie for brows that look naturally full and textured. This primer is the secret to faking flawless arches!

Make Your Brows Last All Day

Stop losing your brows by midday and keep them looking fab for 24 hours with this primer! The long-wearing formula prevents your arches from budging until you take off your makeup. No more smudges, fading, or disappearing shape.

The primer also helps your brow color stay vibrant without oxidizing or losing intensity throughout the day. Brows look freshly done from the office to happy hour and beyond. Now your arches can stay stunning no matter how long your day goes!

Simple to Use

Brow beginners and pros alike will love how easy it is to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Primer. There’s no learning curve to master! Simply glide the pencil tip through your brow hairs to tack them in place. Use short strokes to outline and fill in your shape. The smooth formula blends seamlessly with no pulling or tugging.

The primer formula is flexible when first applied and does not feel overly stiff or crunchy once dry. Your brows will feel comfortably held in place without discomfort. Bring on the all-day wear!

Cruelty-Free Formula

Anastasia Beverly Hills is proudly 100% cruelty-free so you can feel good about using their products. None of their ingredients or products are tested on animals. Choose the Brow Primer for beautiful brows with an ethical formula.

Discover the Brow Secret Loved by Professionals

Take a cue from professional makeup artists who swear by Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Primer. This brow styling product has been used backstage at Fashion Week and on red carpet looks. Now you can get pro-level arches at home!

Experience the brow breakthrough that keeps your arches in place flawlessly. Sculpt, define, and extend your brows with precision and ease. This colorless primer helps build natural-looking texture, dimension and shape for enviable arches. Amp up your brow game with this makeup must-have from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Anastasia Beverly Hills takes pride in providing high quality brow products and excellent customer service. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the performance of Brow Primer or receive a full refund. Try today for picture perfect brows you’ll love!


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