Achieve Perfectly Defined & Sculpted Brows with This Professional Quality Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie


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Want beautifully shaped, fuller looking brows that appear naturally flawless? Our Aesthetica Pro Series Double Ended Eyebrow Brush & Spoolie is the secret to effortlessly achieving picture perfect arches every time.

With its angled brow brush on one end and grooming spoolie on the other, this is the only brow tool you need for expertly filling, shaping and blending. The angled brush head allows you to precisely fill in brows with hair-like strokes for a natural looking finish, while the spooley blends color seamlessly and tames unruly hairs into place.

Salon Quality Application & Blending

The Aesthetica brow brush features premium synthetic bristles designed for applying brow powder, pomade, wax and gel with professional precision. The tightly packed bristles pick up just the right amount of product and deposit color evenly onto the skin for flawless results.

Whether you want to subtly enhance your natural brow shape or completely reshape and define arches – this brush gives you full control and lets you customize your look. Easily fill in sparse areas and create the illusion of fuller brows with the angled brush tip. Then use the spoolie to brush product through hairs and blend for a soft, natural look.

Compatible With All Brow Products

The versatile double ended design works with all your favorite brow powders, pencils, waxes, gels and pomades. The angled brush tip effortlessly picks up powder products and waxes for easy application. While the tightly packed bristles also smoothly glide gels and creams onto the skin.

Whatever products you love to use, this brow brush makes application quick and easy. The spoolie side also ensures your products blend beautifully and brows stay groomed and tamed.

Salon Results Made Simple

Recreate the brows you love from your favorite salon or makeup artist at home. With this professional quality brush set, you can achieve everything from a soft, natural look to a sharp, defined arch that gracefully contours your eyes.

The angled brush tip lets you draw in precise, hair-like strokes and create clean lines. While the spoolie is ideal for grooming brows into shape and blending product seamlessly so brows look full and natural.

This double ended brush does it all! Pencil in arches, fill in gaps, enhance shape, blend product and tame hairs into place. Get picture perfect brows every time, with professional results made easy.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly

Aesthetica brushes are proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The soft synthetic bristles are designed to pick up and apply product smoothly for flawless results. With this brow brush you can achieve enviable arches with professional precision, using high quality materials that are ethically produced.

Look polished and put together in minutes with this double ended brow brush. Expertly fill, shape and blend your brows with ease!

How to Use This Brow Brush Like a Pro

Ready to take your brows to the next level? Follow these tips and tricks for stunning arches every time:

Fill In Gaps & Sparse Areas First

Start by using the angled brush end to fill in any gaps or sparse areas in your brow shape. Use light, hair-like strokes in the same direction as your brow hairs for the most natural look. Focus on defining the arch and tail.

Use Small Brush Strokes to Draw in Shape

Once gaps are filled in, use the angled brush to enhance and define your arches. Make short, precise strokes in the direction of hair growth to give brows added shape and structure.

Blend Color Seamlessly with Spoolie

After filling and defining, run the spoolie brush through brows to blend product seamlessly. Brush brows upwards and outwards to blend any harsh lines for a soft finish.

Groom Hairs with The Spoolie

Finish by brushing brows with the spoolie to groom hairs into place. Brush downward on top of brows, then upward under the arch. This helps tame strays and creates a polished look.

Set Brows with Clear Gel

Once groomed, set brows in place with a clear gel. Apply with the angled brush for extra hold. This locks in your look and keeps brows set perfectly all day long.

Clean Brush After Each Use

For best results always wipe brushes clean with a tissue after use. Never use a wet or damp brush, as this can damage the bristles over time.

Tips for Choosing the Right Brow Color

Choosing the right brow color for your complexion is key to achieving a natural yet defined look. Here are some helpful guidelines:

Light or blonde hair = taupe or ash brown shades
Red, auburn or strawberry blonde hair = soft brown or chocolate browns
Dark brown to black hair = dark brown or espresso
Salon perfect highlights = pick a shade lighter than your base
When in doubt, always go a shade lighter than you think! You can build up color gradually for a natural look. But if brows are too dark, it can look harsh. Aim to enhance and define your natural brow shape.

This versatile double ended eyebrow brush is your new must-have beauty tool for flawless looking arches every day. Achieve defined, fuller and perfectly groomed brows with professional results at home. Fill, shape, blend and groom brows like a pro in minutes for gorgeous eyes you’ll love.


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