Achieve an Enviable Golden Glow with Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion


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Bask in the Warmth of a Sunkissed Tan with Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator

If you dream of an effortless, envy-inducing bronze glow, look no further than Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator. This indulgent lotion takes your tan to the next level, imparting a natural-looking, radiant color while nourishing and caring for your skin.

The Dark Tanning Accelerator does precisely what the name promises – accelerates your tan for deeper, darker color development. The bronzers create an instant sun-kissed color, providing the perfect base for your tan to build upon. As your color develops, the bronzers also help to maximize and extend the life of your tan. The result is the kind of long-lasting, ultra-dark tone that looks like you just got back from a tropical vacation.

Of course, achieving that gorgeously bronzed look is only worthwhile if your skin remains healthy in the process. This lotion leverages the power of natural Australian botanicals to care for your skin while you tan.

Kakadu plum extract provides the highest natural source of vitamin C to defend against skin damage from free radicals. The antioxidants in Kakadu plums also support collagen production for firm, supple skin.

Tea tree oil is known for its soothing, clarifying properties. It acts as a gentle cleanser to unclog pores and prevent blemishes that can appear with tanning.Australian Gold infuses this lotion with tea tree oil’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The Biosine complex takes your skin to the next level, facilitating melanin production for deeper color development while providing next-level hydration. Natural oils like sunflower seed oil ensure your skin stays silky rather than sticky.

Take your pick of Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator scents to set the mood for your tanning session. The Cocoa Dreams fragrance envelops your senses with luscious notes of coconut, orange, and vanilla. Or try the Orchid Bliss scent for floral refreshment with orchid, pear, and amber.

Achieve Salon-Style Results in the Comfort of Home

Skip the salon and create a luxurious tanning experience at home with Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator. This versatile formula allows you to customize your color whether you prefer sunless tanning or sun tanning.

For a flawless faux glow, apply the Dark Tanning Accelerator in place of your regular tanning lotion. The instant bronzers produce immediate color, providing an even canvas as the DHA works to impart a natural-looking tan. The tanning intensifiers encourage deeper color development without the sun for gorgeously bronzed skin with no UV exposure.

The Dark Tanning Accelerator also creates the ultimate base tan to maximize and accelerate color development in the sun or a tanning bed. The bronzers provide instant color, while the biosine complex primes your skin for the darkest tan possible. The hydrating oils and antioxidants nourish your skin to prevent drying and damage from UV exposure.

With this tanning accelerator, you can achieve a salon-quality glow in just a few sessions at home. Skip the booking and waiting around for those high-pressure tanning beds. The Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator brings the tanning salon experience into the comfort of your home.

Pamper and Nourish Skin for a Flawless Bronze Glow

A sun-kissed tan looks its best on hydrated, healthy skin. While many accelerators overdry and dehydrate for quicker color, the Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator nourishes skin throughout the tanning process.

Vitamins A, C, and E provide an intensive dose of antioxidants and nutrients to combat environmental damage. The vitamin C in Kakadu plum extract also stimulates collagen production for firmer, plumper looking skin—a perfect complement to your bronze glow!

Natural oils create a delicate veil to seal in moisture, preventing tightness and dryness even after hours in the sun. Hydrated skin better retains a smooth, even tan without patchiness and peeling.

Soothe and prevent the blemishes that can arise from tanning with Australian tea tree oil’s clarifying properties. This lotion is also ideal for those with oilier skin types, as tea tree oil acts as a natural astringent to reduce shine.

Pamper your skin while achieving the deepest, darkest tan of your life with Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator. The nourishing oils and antioxidants complement the tan intensifiers and bronzers to help your color look flawless.

Indulge in Sweet Summer Scents to Enhance Your Tanning Experience

The luscious Cocoa Dreams fragrance makes every tanning session feel like a tropical escape. Notes of coconut, orange, and vanilla envelop your senses, transporting you straight to the beach.

The creamy coconut and bright citrus mimic the feeling of sun-warmed skin. The vanilla rounds out the scent with a touch of the sweetness that accompanies those long, relaxing days in the sun.

Or awaken your senses with the Orchid Bliss scent, inspired by fresh florals with a hint of warmth. Top notes of orchid and green apple evoke images of Hawaiian leis. Pear and amber add richness and depth to the fragrance.

Each deep inhale will remind you of sunnier days ahead. Spritz on a coordinating body spray to layer the scent, allowing it to follow you even after your tanning session ends.

Whether you crave sweet escape or floral freshness, Australian Gold’s fragrant tanning accelerators make achieving your richest tan a delight for the senses.

Bronze Your Best with Australian Gold

For over 30 years, Australian Gold has delivered innovative tanning formulas to bronze goddesses across the globe. They pioneered the utilization of native Australian oils and extracts that nourish skin while accelerating color development.

With the Dark Tanning Accelerator lotion, Australian Gold perfects their craft to deliver their deepest, darkest color yet. Natural ingredients like Kakadu Plum and Tea Tree allow you to tan without compromise, keeping your skin nourished and refreshed.

Look like you just got back from an exotic getaway with Australian Gold’s Dark Tanning Accelerator. Achieve the bronzed goddess glow of your dreams, beautifully formulated by Australian Gold’s tanning experts.


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