Accelerate Your Summer Glow with Australian Gold Rapid Tanning Intensifier


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Are you dreaming of that sun-kissed, golden summer glow but don’t have time to lay out for hours tanning the old fashioned way? Look no further than Australian Gold’s Rapid Tanning Intensifier lotion, formulated to give your skin a natural, beautiful tan faster without the need for bronzers or skin darkeners.

###Give Your Skin a Natural Boost

Australian Gold’s tanning intensifying lotion helps prepare your skin for quicker, darker color development whether you’re basking in the warm sun or using a tanning bed. It contains Australian Gold’s proprietary Biosine Complex, a blend of premium ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, safflower seed oil, and Kakadu plums that work together to speed up the tanning process so you achieve an enviable golden tan in less time.

The Biosine Complex does not contain any sunscreen, allowing your skin to absorb more UV rays to increase pigmentation faster than normal. But it also provides nourishing antioxidants like vitamin E and the oils keep your skin smooth and hydrated while promoting a deeper, darker tan.

###Harness the Power of Australian Botanicals

True to its name, Australian Gold sources many exceptional native Australian oils, extracts, and ingredients for its products that have amazing benefits for your skin.

The tanning intensifier contains antioxidant-rich tea tree oil, known for its clarifying and soothing properties. Tea tree cleanses skin of impurities, fights off free radicals, and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

It also includes hydrating aloe vera, a healing plant revered for its cooling and nourishing properties. Aloe vera provides a protective barrier to prevent dryness and soothes inflammation.

The Biosine Complex harnesses the power of Kakadu plums, an Australian superfruit that has one of the highest natural concentrations of vitamin C. Kakadu plums are rich in antioxidants that nourish skin and fight aging free radicals.

Safflower seed oil provides a readily absorbed source of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid for healthy, glowing skin. It helps skin retain moisture for a smooth, conditioned feel.

###Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Using Australian Gold’s tanning intensifier lotion helps prepare your skin for sunless tanning and primes it for faster color development in the sun or tanning bed. Simply smooth it on clean skin before sun exposure or using self-tanners to help maximize your tanning potential.

It absorbs quickly without leaving behind greasy residue or orange tint on your skin. You’ll be beach ready in no time with a natural looking tan minus the bronze shimmer or tingle of bronzers.

The Biosine Complex works with your skin’s natural tanning ability so you can build color gradually without harmful skin darkening ingredients. Avoid tan lines and streaks for flawless glowing skin from head to toe.

###Your Golden Glow Awaits

Get a gorgeous summer tan faster and easier than ever with Australian Gold’s Rapid Tanning Intensifier lotion. Feel confident rocking your favorite swimsuit knowing your skin looks naturally sunkissed without using bronzers.

Harness the power of premium Australian botanicals and oils to nourish skin while achieving deep color faster. Look like you just got back from a tropical getaway without endless hours baking in the sun with this color boosting intensifier.


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