500PCS Disposable Micro Applicators for Salon and Personal Care (2.0mm)


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All-in-One Makeup and Personal Care Micro Applicator Brush Set

Treat yourself to the ultimate set of 500 disposable micro applicator brushes for flawless makeup application and meticulous personal care.

Premium Makeup Application

Each micro applicator brush has a soft, cotton tip that allows you to precisely apply eyeliner, lip color, concealer, and eyeshadow. The slim 2.0mm nib effortlessly reaches the smallest contours for precise definition.

The micro brushes can also be slightly bent to any angle for easy detailing and cleaning of crevices. Forget messy drips, spills, and product waste – these applicators dispense the perfect amount of solution each time.

Salon-Quality Personal Care

Gently clean electronics, paint miniatures, and polish jewelry without damage thanks to the micro brush’s soft cotton tip. Our applicator brushes are also ideal for meticulous nail care and lash extension application.

Hygienic and Convenient

Each micro applicator brush is composed of plastic and premium cotton that is firmly attached to resist shedding. Dispose of each micro brush after use to prevent bacteria buildup and cross-contamination.

The slim 4” handle allows you to easily handle and store the micro brushes. Take them anywhere with the 5 packs of 100 applicators – you’ll always have plenty on hand!

Experience salon-standard precision and care with this all-in-one micro applicator brush set. Order yours today!


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